Hair trends 2016

Modern Bowl Cut Hairstyles

2013 hairstyles trends represent unique mixture of modern and retro hairstyles. Past couple of years retro hairstyles have become very popular and that’s why most trendy hairstyles have retro allure. Here is another selection of retro hairstyles that will help you to make a real style statement with your new do.

There are many styling options that can create retro image but take a look at these modern bowl cut hairstyles with retro allure that look simply fantastic. Take your chance to become the owner of the hottest short haircut and be sure you will keep all eyes on you.

2013 Bowl CutsBowl Cuts

Bowl Cuts 2013Modern Bowl Cut Hairstyles

Retro bowl cut hairstyle is a combination of super short crop cut hair with long layers. This haircut can be amazing option to create any image so take a sneak peek at these pictures and inspire yourself for next re-style.

Modern styles of bowl cut are completed with asymmetric or choppy layers. These details make bowl cut hairstyle even hotter so if you have decided to go shorter, you can wear similar haircut. 

Celebrity Hairstyles for Round Faces

Turn your hairstyle into style statement with few useful ideas inspired from celebs. It is not a surprise that celebrities wear the hottest hairstyles and inspire millions of women. The secret of their flawless look is a group of professional stylists that are always ready to fulfil any caprice of beauty bunnies.

Professional hair stylist know how to choose proper haircut and if you really want to have flawless look, you just need to find hairdresser and ask him to grant you with stylish haircut. You can also get some inspiration from celebrity hairstyles and find the best option to glam up your look.

Celebrities wearing Face Slimming Hairstyles 01Celebrities Face Slimming Hairstyles

First condition of having flawless look is haircut suitable for face shape. Things will be easier if you first analyze your face shape and then try to find the best option for you. If you have oval or heart-shaped face you can opt for any hairstyle. In case you have round or square face you should be careful. I want to talk about hairstyles for round face shape and as a perfect source of inspiration I have put together pictures of celebrity hairstyles for round face.

medium-layered-hair-style-selena-gomezmedium layered hair style

There are zillion styles suitable for round face shape and there are some that should be avoided like super short crop cut hair. Your hairstyle should hide wide cheeks so try to choose hair length that will make face look slimmer. The length of layers on the front section should be chin length or below the chin.

First style to be mentioned is celebrity medium hairstyle that will be perfectly suitable for round face shape. Actually, midi hairstyles are the most popular designs for any face shape. Soft layers on the front section  will have face framing effect. You can also wear beautiful side bang with similar haircut.

Medium Hairtsyles for Women over 40

Elegant hairstyle is a unique expression of your personality and lifestyle and this is why hair gurus advice you to be twice as attentive when choosing new haircut for you. You should take into consideration your age, face shape and then find the most suitable style from all available designs.

Medium Hairstyles Trends 2013Medium Hairstyles Trends for Ladies

Age appropriate haircut is a must because it will make you look attractive and elegant. Teen girls can find suitable hairstyles easier that’s why I have decided to talk about modern hairstyles for mature women. There are zillion haircuts suitable for ladies, this selection includes both long and short but the best option is medium length hairstyle. There isn’t hardly any style that looks so stylish and elegant than medium haircut. Such design is all about versatility and texture and I have no doubt that you will simply fall in love with your new haircut.

medium hairstyle for womenChic Medium Hairstyles Trends for Ladies 06

2013 Funky Short Haircuts

New Year is coming and you still haven’t got new hairstyle. Well, I have prepared fabulous selection of new haircuts that include all the latest designs of hairstyles trends. Still doubt whether you are ready for changes or not? Take a sneak peek at these pictures and get ready for dramatic makeover.

2013 hairstyles trends include numerous styles both long and short but let me show you some of the hottest short hairstyles so dare to wear one of these funky short hairstyles of 2013.

Short hairstyles 2013Short Red Hairstyle

Fashionable short haircut is all about texture and versatility. Short crops combined with choppy layers can create smashing look so do not miss your chance to make a boom with brand new image. Short haircut has many advantages and I can hardly count all of them. But there is one thing you should keep in mind is that short haircut will open your face and make your features more visible so make sure you choose proper haircut that will make the most of your facial features and at the same time hide little imperfections.

2013 Funky Short HaircutsShort hairstyles trends 2013

2013 short hairstyles include numerous examples of layered pixie hairstyles that look so fantastic. Glam up your look with asymmetric or choppy layers or keep things more natural with soft graduated layers. The styling process is as important as haircut so after chopping off hair you should practice your skills and learn how to create picture perfect look with minimal effort. 

Fabulous Bob Hairstyles

Still looking for new haircut for coming season? If so, I have amazing collection of fabulous bob hairstyles that will play up your femininity and make you the sexiest girl in the district. You will easily solve your beauty dilemma with one of these bob hairstyles so stop blending in the crowd with boring image and go for changes.

Fabulous Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles have become popular for its versatility of styles. Once you create stylish bob haircut, you will never get bored styling hair. Furthermore, simple styling steps will turn the process into a real fun. From the great variety of bob hairstyles you should find the one that will bring out your natural beauty and at the same time hide little imperfections. It will be wiser to analyze your face shape and hair texture before going for changes.

bob hairstyle

blonde bob hairstyle

New season bob hairstyles are more often completed with layers. Go for tapered bob hairstyle to boost the volume of thin locks and add unimaginable texture. The most popular design of layered hairstyle is angled bob that is oh so popular among celebs.

Add drama to your image with choppy or asymmetric layered bob. Such haircut can do wonders with your image so if you are the lover of bold and modern images, you should definitely go for similar haircut.

Medium Hairstyles Ideas 2013

Girls who have got medium haircut surely know all the benefits of this hair length. If you also want to find out the advantages of medium hairstyles as well as some creative styling ideas that can turn casual haircut into a style statement, this post will show you some of the hottest examples of 2013 medium hairstyles. 

Medium HairstylesMedium bob Hairstyles

The most important thing to be mentioned is low maintenance of medium haircut. This hair length is perfect option for women who cannot maintain long hair and for those who are not ready to go shorter.

Another advantage of medium length hair is versatility of styles. If you have chosen medium layered haircut, you can change it in zillion ways with minimal effort. This is great especially for ladies who just love to wear new designs.

At last, medium length hair is A choice for any kind of hair texture and face shape. Well, I think I have mentioned enough advantages of medium haircut so that you can make up your mind to go for similar do. If you have already got trendy medium design with layers, it’s time to learn few styling ideas for 2013 that will help you to recreate any desired style.

Medium Hairstyles Bob

Medium Hairstyles blonde

The hottest design is of course super sleek hair. Sleek bob or layered straight hairstyle will look simply fantastic on any occasion. You can style poker straight hair with the help of flat iron and straightening serum. Do not forget to spice up your look with shine serum for blinding gloss. 

2013 Medium Curly Hairstyles

Many things have changed since past year or past decade but there are some things that will never change. Let’s not talk about global conceptions and talk about hairstyle evolution, mainly the evolution of curly hairstyles. I will surprise you but not much have changed about curly hairstyles.

Curls can be added to any hair length  but let’s check out these medium curly  hairstyles for 2013 that include all the newest examples of curly hairstyles. The reason why I have chosen medium length hair is because it is the most frequently chosen style.

2013 Curly Hairstyles for Medium hairCurly Hairstyles for Medium hair

Medium Curly HairstyleCurly Hairstyles for Medium hair 2013

Ladies with natural curly hair more often do not feel all the benefits of curly hair and straighten curls. I must say that it is not wise. Nothing can make you look more feminine and sensual than curly hairstyle so do not even think about straightening hair.

Medium curly hair will be suitable for almost all face shapes except of round face shape. Tight curls can make face look wider. In case you have round face, you can opt for shoulder length medium haircut. Soft wavy hairstyle will be more suitable for round face. Soft waves can be created either with large barrel curling iron or rollers. 

Short Hairstyles Trends for 2013

Take a look at these short hairstyles and choose the one for coming holidays. You still have time to glam up your look with brand new haircut so do not waste your time on styling long lifeless locks and become the owner of sexy short haircut.

Make a real boom with your new haircut and be sure you will have show-stopping look. Find the perfect length and design of crops that will bring out your natural beauty. Remember that short hair opens your face and accentuates facial features. If you think that short hair will not be suitable for your face shape or features, you can learn some tricks that will help you to hide all imperfections and make your face proportionate.

short haircut 20132013-New-Short-Hairstyles-for-Women

2013 short hairstyles trends include stunning examples of short layered hairstyles like short pixie with choppy or asymmetric layers. Actually, layered pixie hairstyle is the most popular design among all available styles. The versatility of styling options will never let you get bored experimenting with your hair. You can wear it sleek with deep side parting or simply backcombed or you can spice the things up with spiky or tousled pixie hairstyle.

blonde haircuts shortshort blonde hairs with bang