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Short Grey Hairstyles 2013

Hairstyles 2013 are so versatile with a lot of colors and cuts and sticking to your casual hairstyle is such a wrong decision. Go for brand new style to glam up your look and never wear one and the same style for a long time.

Short Grey Hairstyles 2013 Short Grey Hairstyles 2013

There are zillion hairstyles and hair colors that are trendy this season but at this time I want to represent you combination of short haircut and grey hair and show you how elegant and stylish can look this mixture. Here are some amazing styles of short grey haircuts 2013 so hurry up to take a closer look at them.

hairstyles for mature women hairstyles for women over 40

Before talking about short haircuts, let me tell you a few words about grey hair and why this color is so trendy. Women more often try to hide grey hair but hair stylists offer you to turn grey hair into an advantage. Celebrities already proved that grey hair is not faux pas. Still, keeping hair natural doesn’t mean there is no need to take care of them. In order to have glossy and healthy hair you can use little amount of icy or silver blonde hair color that will add blinding gloss to grey hair.

hairstyles 2013 include numerous styles of short haircut from pixie, to elegant bob and medium haircuts and all of them will be suitable for mature women and grey hair. The following stylish short haircuts 2013 will inspire you for beautiful makeover.

Medium Haircuts for Ladies

Mature women sometimes make mistake choosing haircut; I mean, they more often choose wrong style that is not suitable for age and it can ruin image. It is very important to have proper hairstyle because this is the secret of having attractive look. Thanks to great versatility of hairstyles you can easily find the most suitable one, you just need to know how to find suitable design.

Medium Hairstyles Ideas for LadiesMelina-nature-curly-hair-style

Hairstyle is a unique expression of your personality and when choosing haircut you should first of all take into consideration your lifestyle, face shape and of course personality.

Medium length hair is may be the best option that will satisfy all criteria of adult woman.  It is elegant, stylish, trendy, versatile and age appropriate. Actually, medium haircut has many advantages and it is simply impossible to mention all of them.

trendy medium hairstyleMedium Haircuts for Mature Women

There are many styles of medium haircut that will be suitable for any age so let me show you some of the most popular medium haircuts for ladies.

First style to be mentioned is stylish bob haircut. I am sure that you have not once thought of wearing bob hairstyle because it looks very sexy and hot. All styles of bob from soft layered and angled bob to short bob hairstyles will be suitable for mature women. Tapered bob hairstyle is the best choice for adult women. You can style it sleek or wavy or you can wear it pulled up. 

Short Hairstyles with Layers

Hairstyles trends change year by year and every year hair gurus represent you collection of brand new haircuts that are so gorgeous. 2013 haircuts trends include both long and short styles and no matter which one you choose you will look stunning. But let me show you some of the newest styles of short haircut that are all about texture.

Millions of women choose short haircut because they know all the benefits of short hair. It is of low maintenance, easy to wear and very stylish. Once you create short hairstyle you will be able to enjoy styling process. You will forget about long exhausting hours spent styling hair, believe me, styling short hair will become a real fun.

New season short hairstyles are so lovely and stylish so if you have already made up your mind to go short, you can get a piece of inspiration from these examples of short hairstyles with layers.

Cool Short Hairstyles TrendsShort Hairstyles Trends

The most popular short haircut is layered pixie that is beloved by many celebs and beauty icons. Longer layers on the crown area look simply fantastic. You can experiment with different styles from polished sleek to funky tousled or even Mohawk style.

If you think that short pixie will not be suitable for your personality, you can go for short bob hairstyle with choppy layers. Such haircut looks very cute and feminine and will be suitable for all ages.

Edgy Short HairstylesLayered Short Hairstyles

After you have got one of these sexy short hairstyles, you should learn few tricks how to keep hair in perfect condition. Regular trimming is the first condition to have well shaped and perfect hairstyle. Next, try to use high class and stronghold styling products that will provide you with flawless hairstyle.

Messy Short HairstylesChoppy Short Hairstyles

Modern Medium Hairstyles

If you still cannot solve your beauty dilemma, I am ready to help you and introduce you some creative hairstyles for your consideration.

Nowadays fashion and hairstyle industry is so versatile that anyone can find suitable haircut and you too will be able to find flattering style for you. You just need to learn right steps on how to match hairstyle with your face shape.

asymmetrical layered hairstyleBob Layered Hairstyles

Blonde Layered HairstylesLayered Hairstyles with Bangs

New season trends offer you to go for dramatic hairstyles with sharp edges and asymmetric layers. Such haircut is the best way to highlight your strong individuality and stand out in the crowd. I think no one would like to blend in the crowd with casual and dull look and you too should always stay on trend. Long hairstyle of course looks trendy but sometimes it can limit you in options while shoulder length hairstyle will be a perfect challenge for your styling skills.

These examples of modern medium hairstyles are perfect reflection of new season trends; they are versatile, bold, textured and very hot. Layering is an important detail because it can turn boring and lifeless hairstyle into stunning voluminous hairstyle.

Blonde layers for medium hair2013 Layered Hairstyles

Layered HairstylesCute Layered Hairstyles

The greatest advantage of medium layered hairstyle is versatility of styling options. It can be transformed in numerous ways. Wear it straight, wavy, curly, tousled, in retro waves or pulled up in cute chignon. The usage of high class styling products and tools is very important especially if you want to have healthy hair. If you are used to style hair with flat iron, make sure you protect hair from heat damage with special hair serum. 

Medium Haircuts with Bangs

Stylish haircut can do wonders with your image that’s why it is very important to think twice before going for changes. There are zillion hairstyles that will be trendy this season; the collection of trendy hairstyles include both short and long haircuts for any taste. You just need to make up your mind to go for changes and get some inspiration from my posts.

Medium Layered Hairstyle with bangsmedium haircut with bangs

From great versatility of modern haircuts I want to mention medium length hairstyle that is popular with its infinite advantages. So which is the secret of its popularity? Medium hairstyle is as elegant and feminine as long hair and at the same time is trendy and stylish as funky short haircut. It will become perfect in between solution for you in case you do not know how to deal with long hair.

Newest styles of medium haircut are all about texture. Most styles are completed with choppy or soft layers. Layered medium haircut will become your secret weapon to boost your seductiveness so break the monotony of bulky hair and glam up your look with one of these medium layered hairstyles.

midi layered hairstyle with bangsWispy bangs

Next detail of modern medium haircut is bang that has unique function; bang hairstyle looks trendy and it can help you to hide imperfections like large forehead of round face. Isn’t it great to have feminine and proportionate face with minimal effort?

There are different styles of bang like blunt, asymmetric or layered side bang and your choice will depend on your face shape and haircut. Surely massive blunt bang is the most dramatic one as it places the accent on eyes and makes glimpse more mysterious but such design will not be suitable for narrow forehead and heart-shaped face.

Medium Hairstyles 2013

Bring out your natural beauty and sexuality with trendy hairstyle and become the owner of the newest haircut. There are numerous trendy hairstyles that I can show you but I have decided to introduce you 2013 medium hairstyles that represent amazing combination of versatility and texture. Every single style from this collection is worth to be copied.

Glamorous Medium Layered Hairstyle IdeasGlamorousLayered Hairstyle

bob hairstylesGlamorous Medium Layered Hairstyle

2013 hairstyles are completed with layers. Actually, layering is a secret weapon of hair stylists that can turn even the most boring and lifeless hair into a real style statement. Layering will become perfect lifesaver for thin hair. If you have thick and unmanageable hair, layering will help you to deal with bulky texture much easier. Great variety of styles will give you a chance to find the most flattering one for your transformation so take a look at these examples of 2013 medium hairstyles and ask your stylist to grant you with similar haircut.

Glamorous Short Haircuts

There are many ways to have show-stopping look like going for color change or learning some new hair styling ideas but there are many modern and fabulous haircuts that will totally change your image. I know that such dramatic makeover may scare you but let me first show you these glamorous short haircuts ideas and then you can make up your mind.

Cute Short HairstylesShort Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles 01Glamorous Short Haircuts

New season short hairstyles are all about versatility and texture so even if you have thin and lifeless locks, you will have a chance to breathe life to your tresses by going shorter. Do not shy away from going shorter. Be sure, short haircut will decorate your image with modern and ultra-hot twist so why not to take your chance and become the owner of the hottest and the newest hairstyle.

Short hairShort hairstyles 2013

Short haircutsTrendy Short hair

Glamorous short hairstyles of 2013 are completed with layers. Layering will take your styling skills to the next level and furnish you with zillion styling options. You can create unimaginable designs and you will simply fall in love every single image. You just need to be creative and ready to experiment with new styles. If you have got short layered haircut, it doesn’t mean that you should wear it sleek. Style it spiky, tousled, curly, in retro waves or in Mohawk style. Well, as you see, you will have infinite options.

Elegant Long Hairstyles with Layers

Long hair can make woman look elegant and sexy and this is the reason why millions of girls wear super long hair. If you also want to become the owner of gorgeous long hair, you should be patient and ready to spend much time on hair care. Right hair care routine as well as homemade recipes will help you to keep hair in perfect condition. Regular trimming will give hair fresh and healthy look so if you have decided to wear long hair, you should remember some useful ideas and be sure you will have stunning look. But wait, having long hair is only the part of the job, you should also add some modern details to make your hairstyle even more attractive. Here are some ideas of elegant long hairstyles with layers that will show you some creative styles to glam up your look.

layered hairLong Layered  Hairstyles

Blunt cut long hair will look attractive if only you have thick and healthy hair. Still, not everyone is blessed with thick hair and blunt haircut will make hair look dull and lifeless. In case you have damaged hair, you can easily give new breath to your tresses with layering. There are so many options to change your hair and all you need to do is to get some inspiration from these pictures.

Turn layering into a secret weapon and play up your femininity with different designs. Style long layered hair sleek for elegant look or style it wavy to play up your femininity.

coute long layered hairstylesblonde layered hairstyles

If you think that soft layering will not be suitable for you, you can go for bolder designs like choppy or asymmetric layers. Such design will become smashing option for the lovers of alternative hairstyle and similar design can be styled in zillion ways. Place asymmetry on the upper layers or complete your long layered haircut with asymmetric bang. Actually, there are zillion options and it is simply impossible to mention all designs.