Rachel Bilson Long Hairstyle

If you are the owner of long gorgeous hair and you still don’t know how to make the most of your locks, you can learn few styling tricks from celebs who know all the secrets of seductiveness. At this time you will a chance to draw inspiration from Rachel Bilson’s long hairstyle. social chat network


Rachel Bilson almost always wears long ombre hair and I must say that her hairstyle is perfectly suitable for her complexion. If you like her image, you can first get similar hair color with dark roots and lighter edges and then go on styling hair like Rachel Bilson.

Long hair can be styled in numerous ways but I think that wavy hairstyle is the most feminine and attractive one. Waves can be styled either with curling iron or rollers. If you have oval face shape, you can wear middle parted hair. If you think that middle parting will not be suitable for you, you can go for deep side parting that will add retro twist to your image.

Creative Hair Highlights

Want some changes for new season? If so, you can draw some inspiration from these creative hair highlights ideas that will give brand new look to your image. Do not go for block coloring if you are not sure about the chosen color, instead, you can add few hair highlights to the base tone for spectacular look.

Creative Hair Highlights

Hair highlighting is the main trend of new season so do not even think that your new style will not look trendy. These pictures of hair highlights are only the part of 2013 hair color trends so if you made up your mind to go for changes, you can check out other posts of my blog.

Highlights Ideas for Black Hair

Block colored hair looks natural and classy but long gone are the days of casual monotone hairstyles. 2013 hair color trends represent fantastic designs of hair highlighting so if you have decided to go for changes, you can easily give brand new look to hairstyle with few tinted strands.

Hair highlights can be added to any base tone but now I want to talk about hair highlights ideas for black hair color. As black color is a dramatic one and not so frequently chosen as other shades, it will be more interesting to talk about black hair color.

black hair with brown highlights

Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

Ebony black hair completed with blonde highlights look really dramatic. Such style can be smashing alternative for punk or emo hairstyle so dare to combine two contrastive colors and keep all eyes on you.black hair with blonde highlights

Black Hair with Red Highlights

Red hair color is the most frequently chosen highlight color combined with black hair because both shades are bold and somehow mysterious. The style of hair highlighting is very important. For sexy look choose paneling or chunky highlighting. Place tinted strands on the upper layers and bang for show-stopping look or add red highlights on the lower section for less dramatic hairstyle. 

New Hairstyles for Oval Face Shape

Hairstyle is may be the most important thing when it comes to physical appearance and no wonder why women pay so much attention to hairstyle. Professional hair stylists know that new haircut should be suitable for face shape and that’s why they never make mistake. There are several types of face shapes like round, square, heart-shaped and oval face shape and each of them require different hairstyles. At this time I want to talk about oval face shape and new hairstyles that will be suitable for it. chat rooms

Hairstyles for oval shaped faces02

Actually, any haircut be it super short or long will be suitable for oval face shape. If you have feminine features and soft lines you can opt for any desired style. Here are some new hairstyles ideas for oval face shape that will surely inspire you.

If you like to experiment with different hairstyles, you’d better keep hair long. You can wear it in zillion ways; it can be wavy or curly, poker straight, pulled up in simple ponytail or sophisticated up-do. You will have a chance to become true beauty bunny so never stuck in a rut with one and the same style.

Hairstyles for oval face shape

Face shape is not the only factor to take into account when choosing hairstyle. Teen girls can experiment with funky and modern hairstyles. Ladies over 40 can wear short pixie or layered short bob that will be perfectly suitable for oval face shape. 

Hair Coloring Ideas

Hair coloring is not an innovation in hairstyles trends and millions of women opt for hair perm. Thanks to new hair coloring techniques as well as new products you can create fantastic design with minimal risk for your tresses. There are infinite ideas of hair colors and shades as well as color combos for any taste and preference so if you have already made up your mind to go for changes, you will easily find the best style for you.

Pro hair colorists know all the secrets of hair coloring and every single design is a real masterpiece. Still, not everyone can afford it. If you want to change hair color and at the same time want to save money, you can learn few hair coloring ideas and hair care tips that will help you to have a perm for your own.

Let’s start from the beginning. Coloring products include harsh chemicals that are really harmful for hair so if you have damaged and frizzy tresses, it will be wiser to stay away from hair perm. You can use semi-permanent hair color that is less harmful for tresses and will be perfect option for those who like to experiment with different shades.


When choosing hair coloring product, make sure it is of high quality and non allergic. If you are rookie in the art of hair coloring, you’d better choose shade that is close to natural hair. Dramatic changes from dark to blonde is too dangerous and you’d better ask for the help of professional.

Start applying the product on the roots and then go on to the edges. After finishing the process keep it 15 minutes and wash it off thoroughly.

natural hair color

Cute Short Haircuts

Are you ready for new season? If not, take a sneak peek at these cute short haircuts that will change not only your image but also your life. Never miss your chance to emphasize your unique beauty and elegance with brand new haircut. I am sure that once you create short hairstyle, you will simply fall in love with your new image.

The versatility of short haircuts and hairstyles is simply fantastic, you will even get confused when choosing proper style for you. Short haircut will open your face and highlight your best features so if you think that super short crop cut hair will not be suitable for your features, you can go for short bob or short pixie with long bang hairstyle.

Short curly hairstyle

2014  short curly hairstyle

Glam Bob Hairstyles

I will not surprise you if I say that bob haircut is the hottest and the most popular design of past years. The versatility of bob haircuts is amazing. You will never get bored looking through the gallery of available bob hairstyles and if you are made up your mind to change your haircut, you can draw inspiration from these glam bob hairstyles of new season.

Bob hairstyles for 2014

Thanks to modern hair cutting techniques as well as styling tricks you will be able to create any desired image. Bob hairstyle will arm you up with infinite options and you will never get bored experimenting with it.

Classy Bob hairstyles

Latest trends of haircuts include styles completed with layers. Actually, layering is the main trend of new season and you can also opt for layered bob haircut. Again, you will be offered numerous designs of layered haircuts. For sexy and hot look you can opt for angled bob that will make your glimpse even more attractive. Here the layers are cut shorter at the nape and crown area, while the front section is left a bit longer. Angled bob haircut has become so popular thanks to Victoria Beckham. 

Medium Wavy Hairstyles

The owners of shoulder length hair surely know that such haircut is all about versatility and texture and those who like experiments choose medium hairstyles. If you want some changes you can easily give brand new look with few soft layers. Actually, shoulder length haircuts are almost always completed with layers. Once you create medium layered haircut, you will simply fall in love with your image.

medium wavy hairstyles

There is great variety of hairstyles that you can wear but I want to show you some cute and stylish medium wavy hairstyles that will be suitable for any weather.

Wavy hair will always look trendy so keep on hand hairspray, curling iron or hot rollers and get ready for beautiful makeover.