2013 Stylish Medium Hairstyles Pictures

2013 Stylish Medium Hairstyles

Medium Hairstyles 2013

2013 Medium Hairstyles for men

medium hairstyles for men

Celebrity Short Haircuts for Men

Have fun experimenting with new smashing hairstyles that will keep you up to date and turn you into a real trendsetter. Check out new celebrity inspired short haircuts for men that are all about style.

short haircuts for men

Male celebrities like beauty bunnies have become inspiration for millions of boys and men so if you also want to have celeb wort look, you can choose one of these celebrity short hairstyles.

If you are looking for classy short haircut that will be easy-to-do, you can wear buzz cut hairstyle that is of low maintenance. You will have nothing to do but wash hair and air dry. Still, such haircut will not be suitable for everyone. You should have oval face and proportionate scalp in order to have flawless look.

Latest hairstyles trends include fabulous examples of short layered hair. More often such haircut is completed with long layered bang that can be styled in numerous ways. If you have got similar haircut, you can style it side swept, tousled, or spiky. No matter you have sleek or wavy hair, you will need just a tiny amount of texturizer. Apply the product on your palm and style crops with fingers.

2013 Cool Hair Colors

2013 will place the accent on bold and nonconformist hairstyles that have futuristic twist. Some of them are really bold and not suitable for everyone. If you want to have trendy look, you can stay away from edgy haircuts and vamp up your look with intense hair color. 2013 cool hair colors will brighten up your look in a flash so do not waste your time blending in the crown and become a real trendsetter.


There is wide variety of vibrant hair colors and all  of them are simply fantastic. You can even get confused choseing suitable color for you. In order to ease your job I have put together some of the hottest hair colors of new season to show you how casual hairstyle will look with cool hair color.

Celebrity New Hairstyles

Celebville is the main source of inspiration for most of us because beauty icons always look flawless. Well, any of us can have celeb worth look with the group of professional stylists. Not everyone can afford attending hair salon every day or every other day and you have no choice but to learn to style hair for your own.


There are many celebrity hairstyles that you can recreate and all of them are stunning. First style that I want to mention is long hairstyle that is oh so popular among celebs. For inspiration you can check out red carpet events where celebs wear magnificent long hairstyles. Celebs just adore wavy and curly hairstyles and you can also create wavy style with curling iron.


Next popular design among celebrities is braided up-do. It can be glamorous messy braid, braided ponytail or any creative braided up-do that will complete your image. There are zillion plaiting options both complicated and simple but if you do not know how to create complicated style of braid, you can begin with French braid.

Cute Short Hairstyles

There are many trendy and popular hairstyles and it can be really tricky to choose the most flattering style for you. Some would like to have gorgeous long hair, some like funky short hairstyles. If you have decided to go for a new haircut, you can first check out all hairstyles of new season and then choose the best option for you. Here is selection of cute short hairstyles ideas that will be a piece of inspiration for you. The styles from this collection are something between medium and short haircuts and will be perfect option for those who do not want to wear short crop cut hair.


Medium short hairstyle can be short bob with soft or choppy layers. Such stylish haircut can be amazing alternative for any age. Mature women can wear soft layered short bob completed with side choppy bang that will add youthful touch to image.

Next best thing about cute short haircut is low maintenance. Even if you have to style hair with blow dryer or iron, it will not take you more than ten minutes.


Stylish Bob Haircuts

Stylish bob haircut is going to be the topic of this post because I think that bob hairstyle is the one that is definitely worth to be copied. The perfect combination of low maintenance and elegance turned bob haircut into the most popular one. This style was on the top of popularity of past season and next season too it is going to be trendy.

Classy Bob haircutsBob Haircuts

Due to variety of bob hairstyles you will have great choice and all you need to do is to look through this gallery of stylish bob haircuts and ask pro hair stylist to grant you with the hottest design.

Newest styles of bob are completed with choppy or soft layers as well as bang styles. Classy blunt cut bob still remains the most beloved design for strong and brave women. Again, bang hairstyle will be amazing complement to blunt bob.

Long Hair with Bang Styles

Long hairstyle will always be trendy and beloved by all women. Super long hairstyle can be amazing accessory if only styled in a proper way. You can also become the owner of long gorgeous hairstyle, you just need to be ready to take care of hair by regular trimming and moisturizing.

Long Hairstyle with Blunt BangHaircuts with bangs01

The greatest thing about long hairstyle is zillion styling options. Still, long hair can look simple and boring. You can easily give brand new look to long hairstyle by adding simple detail. Bang hairstyle will look simply fantastic with long hair. Any design of bang will be suitable for long hair and your choice will depend only on your face shape. 

How to Style Curls

Styling curls is no longer a tricky job due to high class styling tools and products but there are still girls and women who are rookie in the art of styling. This post will show the easiest ways to create any kind of curls even if you have poker straight hair.


If you want to create tight and girlish curls you will need narrow barrel curling iron or small rollers. Before styling hair apply volumizing mousse on damp locks. This trick will help you to create more defined and long lasting curls. When hair is slightly damp, begin styling curls either with curling iron or with rollers. Try to keep the iron a bit longer and curls will be well shaped. After you have styled curls, leave hair cool down and spritz hairspray. At last, run fingers through hair to add movement to your beautiful curls and make hairstyle look more natural.