2013 Male Haircuts

2013 male haircuts represent all the newest designs and if you want to have trendy look, you can get inspiration from these pictures that I have put together. Most of the styles are a bit longer with long layers so if you have decided to recreate one of these styles, you can first grow out hair.

Men HaircutsMen Haircuts 2013

2013 Male HaircutsMen Haircuts 2013

2013 hairstyles are all about versatility and texture. Leave behind simple crop cut hair and make a real style statement with your new hairstyle. The easiest way to have trendy look is to keep bang longer and experiment various stylish designs. Here are some of them for 2013.

Angelina Jolie Hairstyles Pictures

angelina jolie hair angelina jolie hairstyles

angelina jolie hair angelina jolie hair 05

Creative Quiff Hairstyles

Every year stylists surprise us with amazing haircuts and hairstyles and if  you are a true beauty bunny you will like to experiment with all of them. Here is another dose of inspiration for you so keep on hand your beauty kit with styling tools and products and get ready for beautiful makeover.

2013 Quiff Hairstylesquiffs

At this time I have decided to talk about creative quiff hairstyles that look trendy, stylish and attractive. Most of the styles are easy to do and you can recreate one of them for your own.

Quiff hairstyles will give your image vintage allure and help you to create the style of pin up girl. There are many designs of quiff hairstyle both elegant and bold and which one to choose is up to you. Another great thing about quiff is that it can be styled on any hair length.

Quiff hairstyles  cuteQuiff-Hair-Styles

If you have short layered hair, you can easily create quiff hairstyle by backcombing the front section. For long lasting style you should first tease hair section by section and fix it with stronghold hairspray. Those who have medium haircut can opt for curly quiff hairstyle. In this case you should first style the edges curly, leave the crown area loose and tie the sides in a low bun. Then the top can be left loose or backcombed. 

2013 Male Hairstyles Trends

2013 hairstyles trends include numerous examples of trendy male hairstyles that are stylish and really hot. Most designs that are included in new trends are a bit longer so if you want to have trendy look you should grow out hair copy one of these 2013 male hairstyles. 

Men's hairstyles 2013Men's hair for 2013

2013 hairstyles are all about versatility and texture and these are the main features of trendy hairstyles. Most styles are completed with long layers on the crown area. There are bolder styles with super crop cut or shaved sides combined with longer layers as well as simple styles for those who are not ready for dramatic image.


Men's hairstylesHairstyles 2013 for men

Short crop cut hair with choppy layers is exactly what you were looking for. Choppy long layers on the crown area will arm you up with infinite styling ideas and you will never get bored experimenting with haircut. You can create tousled style with styling gel or texturizer or elegant side swept design suitable for formal outfit. 

Mila Kunis Elegant Hairstyles

mila kunis hair 02mila kunis hair 03

mila kunis hair 01mila kunis hair 06

Celebrity Long Layered Hairstyles

Upgrade your casual hairstyle with new creative ideas and take your styling skills to the next level with these celebrity hairstyles. There isn’t better inspiration than celebrities because they always look elegant and up to date.

There are many spectacular hairstyles that you can copy, but let’s look at celebrity long layered hairstyles that are all trendy and stylish.

Long Layered Hairstyles


If you are the owner of long hair, you can copy celebrity image. The only thing to keep in mind is to take care of tresses in a proper way. Long hair is of high maintenance and you should be ready to devote much time on hair care and styling.

Long blunt cut hair of course looks hot if only you style it in a proper way. Still, you can easily breathe life to tresses with layering. Celebrities often go for layered hairstyles and all haircuts look gorgeous.

long layered hairstyleslayered hairstyles

Layered hairstyle has many advantages. Long layered haircut will be more easier to style, furthermore, layering will furnish you with rich array of styling options.

Highlights Ideas for Brown Hair

Brown hair color is the most popular shade as it looks natural and elegant, Furthermore, brown hair is suitable for all skin tones and complexions and this is the main reason why it is so frequently chosen.

There are many shades and undertones of brown and each one looks fabulous, but if you think that one tone hair color looks boring and casual, you can easily break the monotony with smashing hair highlights. You can draw some inspiration from these highlights ideas for brown hair that include both elegant and bold images.

brunette hairstyles funkly highlightsbrunet hair color

Brown hair color can be combined with any shade be it light blonde, red or black. Your choice will depend only on the image you want to create. So if you want to breathe life to your tresses and still want to stay away from dramatic changes, you can choose lighter shades like honey or dirty blonde. If you have light brown hair color, you can complete it with thin strands of brunette highlights that are spread all over hair.

Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Choosing wedding hairstyle is a rather tricky job as bride wants to look flawless. Due to the versatility of formal hairstyles you may first think that there is nothing easier than finding proper one from available styles. Still, the more you look through hairstyles gallery the more you get confused.

Weeding hairstyle can be sophisticated up-do with various twists or simple and glamorous loose hair completed with cute accessories. Actually, there are zillion options to create bridal hairstyle so take a sneak peak at these wedding hairstyles ideas and find some creative styles for the big day.

New wedding hairstylesWomen Wedding Hairstyle

Classy up-do hairstyle remains the most popular and frequently chosen wedding design as it looks elegant and feminine. It can be voluminous beehive bun or creative bun with braided or twisted strands. Depending on your face shape you can wear deep side parting that will add vintage twist to your image or simply backcombed hair.

Wedding hairstyles for long hairBest wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyle is complicated and only pro hair dresser will be able to create such sophisticated up-do. Such elegant hairstyle will cost you a lot of money so be ready to pay the bill. On the other hand, if you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on your hairstyle, you can go for less complicated design.