Undercut Hairstyles 2013

2013 hairstyles trends are really contrastive; hair stylists represented numerous bold and modern haircuts as well as elegant designs that has survived from paste season and still continue to be popular among women and girls. Talking about elegant and classy styles is not so interesting than looking through the pictures of edgy and futuristic styles of new season. Recently I have searched the web and found numerous styles of undercut hairstyles that looked fantastic.

Undercut Hairstyles 2013 undercut hairstyles for women

If you like the idea of having ultra modern and bold look, you will definitely like all these undercut hairstyles shown below. Do not stick to one and the same style for a long time and always experiment with new images.

Undercut hairstyle was popular since 80s and till now is trendy. Every year hair stylists represent new solutions and styling ideas of undercut hairstyle and this year too they represented a set of smashing designs for true fashionistas. Undercut style is suitable for both boys and girls but now we’ll consider only styles for women.

undecut hairstyle trendy undercut hairstyle

celebrity undercut hairstyle stylish undercut hairstyle

Celebrities are great lovers of dramatic changes and many beauty icons chose cool undercut hairstyles. Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Cassie and many others showed how undercut hairstyle can look hot and sexy. Dare to copy one of those styles and feel all the impact of fashionable hairstyle.

So which are the most popular undercut hairstyles for 2013? The best one that was spotted on the red carpet is half-shaved hairstyle where one side is left long while the other is short crop cut or even shaved. Classy undercut style looks less edgy; here only the nape is shaved while the crown area is left longer.

Going shorter or shaving off hair is of course bold decision and I surely understand how difficult is to come to that. Still, there are many styling tricks that can help you to create an illusion of undercut hairstyle. Cornrows braids on one side will help you to create stylish and funky undercut hairstyle.

slicked long hairstyle braided hairstyles

celebrity short hairstyles long braided hairstyle

cornrows hairstyle beautiful long hairstyle



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