Army Hairstyles Ideas for 2014

Army hairstyle stopped being the one for soldiers and officers. Short buzz cut hairstyle is the most popular style as it is masculine and of low maintenance. Actually, there are many styles of army haircuts that are trendy and popular not only among soldiers but also among celebrities. Here are some of the trendiest army hairstyles that will surely inspire you.

Army Haircuts trends 2014

First style to be mentioned is high and tight buzz cut hairstyle. Here the sides and the back are almost shaved while the crown area is cut very short. Flat-top hairstyle is very close to the previous one, the only difference is that sides are shaved and the contrast between the crown area and shaved sides is noticeable.

buzz haircut

Army hairstyles have many advantages, it is of low maintenance and always looks trendy. The only thing to keep in mind is that such buzz cut hairstyle is suitable for men with proportionate scalp and face shape. If you think that short buzz cut hair will not be suitable for you, you can find numerous styles in my blog. 

flattop-haircuts for men



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