African American Popular Hairstyles

African American celebs have already become beauty icons for millions of women due to their unique style. Black women have something special about their image and this makes them so attractive. If you also want to look as seductive as one of African American celebs, you can get some inspiration from these examples of African American popular hairstyles that are stylish and trendy.

Black women choose braids 03

Natural Afro hair has specific texture that is dry and frizzy that's why black women often have difficulties when styling hair. If you also have such problem, you can easily deal with strong texture with the help of high class moisturizing masks as well as homemade recipes that are cheap and at the same time very effective.

African American straight hair

Once you learn basic rules to take care of curly hair, you will be able to adopt any desired hairstyle. You can even wear poker straight hair that is very popular among African American women. In order to create super sleek and shiny hairstyle you should use straightening serum and flat iron. After styling hair sleek you can wear it loose or in an elegant up-do. micro braided hairstyle

  Next popular hairstyle that is beloved by African American women is braided hairstyle. There are zillion styles of braids like simple French braid, fishtail braid or micro braided hairstyle that is beloved not only by women but also by men. All these braided hairstyles are easy to do and you can create them for your own. Another amazing idea of braided hairstyle is cornrows hairstyle that is oh so popular among hip hop and pop stars. Cornrows hairstyle is a bit complicated and only pro stylist will be able to create flawless design.

Cornrows hairstyle

Black women up-do hairstyles

straight hairstyles ideas

celebrity straight hair



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