Creative Hair Highlights

Want some changes for new season? If so, you can draw some inspiration from these creative hair highlights ideas that will give brand new look to your image. Do not go for block coloring if you are not sure about the chosen color, instead, you can add few hair highlights to the base tone for spectacular look.

Creative Hair Highlights

Hair highlighting is the main trend of new season so do not even think that your new style will not look trendy. These pictures of hair highlights are only the part of 2013 hair color trends so if you made up your mind to go for changes, you can check out other posts of my blog.

Natural and subtle hair highlighting will be gorgeous alternative in case you want to breathe life to your tresses but still shy away from dramatic changes. Highlights color should be close to the base tone.

2013 hair color trends include numerous styles of bold hair highlights that look futuristic and modern. Wide palette of vibrant shades like orange, intense red, purple, pink, blue and many other colors will totally change your casual image. The style of highlights has great importance so if you have chosen bright hair color, you should definitely opt for paneling or chunky highlighting.

Creative Hair Highlights

Stylish hair highlights

bright hair highlights

Purple hair highlights



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