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Hair color is next important factor of having attractive look and you should pay as much attention to color as to haircut. Nowadays there are zillion hair coloring products as well as coloring techniques to create any unimaginable look so all you need to do is to make up your mind to get a new hair color.

From the great variety of hair colors and color combinations I want to mention lowlights style that has become very popular recently. Many celebs have chosen lowlights hairstyles because such design looks really sexy. You may first think lowlights hairstyle is blonde hair with grown out roots. Actually, it is almost true.

Dark Roots Hair Styles01Lowlights

Lowlights hairstyle can be created on any hair length and hair color, but the classy one is blonde color with darker roots. If you want to copy one of these lowlights hairstyles, you can easily do it either with the help of pro colorist or for your own.

There are two ways to create lowlights hairstyle. Everything depends on the base tone. If you have light hair color like blonde or honey brown, you should choose shade that is two tones darker and color only the crown area. Ladies with darker hair should bleach the edges and then color hair in lighter shade.

Lowlights Hairstylesnew Lowlights

If you have decided to color hair for your own, you should do it with great care. The transition from lighter to darker should be barely seen so make sure you do not keep the product too long, otherwise the colors will be too bright.

elegant lowlightssexy lowlights

Dark Roots HairstylesDark Roots Hair Styles



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