Innovative Hair Colors 2013

Play up your femininity and sexuality with one of these innovative hair colors for 2013. This gallery of new hair colors include more dramatic and vibrant shades that are going to break all the patterns and norms. You are completely free in your choice. You can wear natural or nonconformist color that will totally change your casual image.

vivid hair color01orange_hair_color

2013 hair color trends include numerous examples of block colored designs and all of them look really hot. Block colored hair will be more suitable for the lovers of alternative image so dare to wear orange, Atomic pink, purple or red hair. Such image will definitely keep you in the limelight.

hair colorbold_hair_color5

From wide palette of vibrant shades red hair color remains the most popular one as it can look both dramatic and quite natural. Subtle shades of red will be suitable for block coloring, while vibrant shades like bloody or fiery red highlights will spice up your simple hairstyle. Paneling or dip dyeing will be more suitable for vibrant colors.

Do not waste your time blending in the crowd with your casual hairstyle and become a trendsetter with innovative hair color.



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