Ideas to Have New Hair Color

There was much said about trendy hair colors and ways to color hair but not every woman knows that choosing new hair color is a serious thing. If you choose shade that will not be suitable for your skin tone, you will totally ruin your image. I think it will be wiser to learn how to choose proper shade for you and then go for changes.


From the great variety of hair colors you should find the one that will be a perfect match for complexion as well as personality. First thing to take into consideration is skin tone. Wrong chosen color will make your face pale and dull so be twice as attentive when choosing proper shade. One of the most popular hair color that is of low maintenance is brown hair color. It is natural and suitable for all skin tones.


If you have medium fair, medium tanned and tanned complexion, you should choose warm shades like brown, warm tones of blonde like golden, dirty and darker shades of red like mahogany and auburn.


Eye color also has great importance. If you have green eyes, shades of red like ginger and copper will look simply irresistible. Cool shades of blonde are suitable for ladies with porcelain skin and blue eyes. Platinum or icy blonde hair color will complete such image with sexy twist.

 platinum blonde hair color platinum blonde hair color.

At last, let me tell you that hair perm can damage hair especially if it is frizzy. In case you have lifeless locks, you can use semi-permanent hair color that will not damage hair and at the same time give natural sheen to your tresses.



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