Hair Color Protective Formulas

Hair color is as important as hairstyle when it comes to physical appearance and if you have chosen hair perm, you should know some ideas how to protect color from fading. Harsh chemicals damage hair follicle and once you have colored hair you should always take care of it, otherwise color can fade quickly and look dull. Here are some color protective formulas that will help you keep hair in perfect condition.

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Coloring process is a real stress for your tresses especially if you have frizzy hair so make sure you choose high class hair coloring product. If you have decided to color hair for your own, you should be very attentive. Do not keep the product too long on hair and use hydrating conditioner after coloring hair.

There are many external reasons of color fading and the first one is UV rays. Sun rays make hair dull and lifeless so always use hair serum with UV filters and try to protect hair for direct sun rays.

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If you are used to style your hair with blow dryer or styling iron, you should remember that high temperature will not only damage hair but will also cause color fading. Color protective products and heat protective serum will help you to decrease damage. Frequent hair washing can also cause color fade especially if you wash hair with hot water. So wash hair with tepid water and shampoo for colored hair.



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