Creative Hair Highlights Ideas

I have much said about hair colors and hair highlights but there are still many things that I want to tell you and, of course, help you to become the owner of the hottest hairstyle. Still thinking whether it is worth to go for changes or not? This selection of creative hair highlights will be a piece of inspiration for you.

Hair highlighting has not only aesthetic function but also very useful features and one of them is volumizing effect. Subtle highlights spread all over hair will create an illusion of extra voluminous hairstyle. But now I will not talk about natural and subtle highlights, instead, I will represent you fabulous examples of bold and nontraditional hair highlights that are meant to change even the most boring hairstyle into a real masterpiece.

Hair Highlights Ideas Creative Hair Highlights Ideas

Thanks to wide palette of intense colors as well as new hair coloring techniques you will be able to fulfil even the boldest and the most unimaginable design. Go for paneling or chunky highlighting and complete your natural tone with red, blue, orange, silver, icy blonde and many other innovative shades.

Bright Hair Highlights Ideas Smashing Hair Highlights

The style of creative hair highlighting is twice as important as hair color so be very attentive when choosing the style. First of all it should be suitable for haircut. If you have asymmetric or choppy layered haircut like medium or short, you can opt for paneling and place tinted strands on the front section. Ladies with long hair can experiment with wide variety of hair highlights like dip dyeing, chunky highlighting, horizontal and many other designs that will be in perfect harmony with bold highlight color.

Horizontal Hair Highlights Modern Hair Highlights

Emo Highlights Ideas Sexy Hair Highlights

Bold Hair Highlights Rainbow Hair Highlights

Purple Hair Highlights Hair Highlights Ideas 2013



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