2014 Hair Color Trends

2014 hair color trends already proved that new season is going to be bright and full of vibrant hair colors. If you still think about going for color change, just take a look at these examples of new hair colors and learn how to make the most of your tresses. I can say much about bright hair colors, but let's talk about natural shades that will never go out of the fashion.


Blonde Hair Color First color to be mentioned is blonde hair color that is still considered the most popular one among celebs and millions of women. It is said that blondes have much fun so why not to check this statement by coloring hair blonde. 2014 trends include all natural and warm shades of blonde that are less capricious.

blond-hair 2014

If you have colored hair blonde, use shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair color and do not forget to use hair glazes to add extra gloss to hair.

golden blond hair color


Brown Hair Color Brown hair color remains the best choice as it is natural and suitable for all skin tones. All shades of brown will be trendy for new season. The most important thing about brown hair color is that it can fade quickly and look dull so if you colored hair brown you should always take care of it with color protective products. brown hair color Black Hair Color If you want to complete the image of lady vamp, you should definitely opt for ebony black hair color. Still, black hair color is not for everyone and you should be a 100% sure that you are ready for such makeover. It is not an easy thing to take care of black hair color and only healthy hair will look smashing so before going for changes make sure you have healthy locks.


Red Hair Color Your angelic image will be incomplete without red hair color. Indeed, women with shiny ginger hair will always stay in the limelight because they have something magnetic about their image. Red hair color has many undertones both natural and vibrant so try to find the one that will highlight your individuality. red-hair-color



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