2013 Winter Hair Colors

If you want to upgrade your look for party season, look through palette of 2013 winter hair colors and pick the one for beautiful makeover. You will have a chance to warm up your look with subtle and natural shades or you can go bolder with intense tones.

New season hair color trends include amazing styles of lowlights that look brilliant. You may first think that lowlights hair color is blonde with grown out dark roots. Actually, once it was true but nowadays lowlights hairstyle is may the most popular and frequently chosen style of highlights.

Stylish Lowlights

lowlights hairstyle

Lowlights can be created on any hair color. There is no need to go blonde in order to create lowlights. If you have dark hair, choose shade that is two tones lighter and color only the edges. Try to make the transition from dark to light barely seen. If you have decided to color hair for your own, you’d better use high class hair coloring products that will not damage hair.

hair coloring

Most women go for hair perm to hide grey hair. If you also want to hide grey hair, you should find the product that is suitable for grey hair. Usually, such products include ammonia that is harmful for tresses so be very careful when using it.

At last, once you have colored hair, you should always take care of it by using color protective formulas and hair glosses to keep hair in perfect condition.

grey hair color




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