Summer Hair Care Ideas

Though summer passed, I decided to talk about summer hair care tips that will surely be useful. Every weather needs special hair care routine in order to keep hair in perfect condition. For instance, cold weather can easily make hair dry and frizzy. Summer and hot weather can also cause hair damage due to UV rays. Actually, UV rays are the main reason of split ends as well as hair loss. So it will be wiser to learn summer hair care ideas now in order to be ready for hot weather.


No matter what hair length you have you should always protect tresses from sun rays. Keep on hand hair care products with UV filters. It can be shine serum or special protective serum with filters. Next, try to stay away from hair styling with blow dryer or styling iron. High temperature can make hair defenseless and in the end it can cause hair loss. You will look more feminine with natural hair especially if it is wavy or curly.

natural curls

Color change is also bad choice for summer as harsh chemicals can damage hair cuticle and again cause hair loss. In case you really want to change hair color, you can use semi-permanent coloring product or natural henna that will not only color hair but will also add natural sheen and silky touch.

blonde highlights shades



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