Dealing with Split Ends

Elegant hairstyle can be a real accessory for a woman if only tresses are healthy and glossy. Natural healthy hair is a rare thing. There are many external factors that can damage hair like weather, sun rays, harsh chemicals and many other factors. If you want to keep hair in perfect condition you should always take care of it. The problem of split ends is the most common one and almost all women face it. If you also have dull hair with split ends, here are some useful ideas that will help you to deal with split ends.

It is much easier to prevent split ends than deal with them so it is wise to keep on hand high class hair care products and styling tools that will not damage hair. Still, if you noticed split ends, there is no way out then going for trimming. Actually this is the best option to revitalize your locks and give fresh look to haircut.

hair split ends

If you have frizzy and dry hair, you can make things worse by regularly blow drying. Styling iron and blow dryer can cause split ends so if you are used style hair with styling tools, you should know some secrets to keep hair healthy and glossy. Before styling hair apply heat protection serum on damp hair and leave it dry a bit. Then you can go on styling hair. If you want to create romantic waves,  you can use hot rollers instead of curling iron.

Another reason why hair becomes dry and frizzy is hair perm. Harsh chemicals damage hair follicle thus causing split ends. If you  have dry hair but still want to go for color change, you can use semi-permanent hair color that will be  less harmful for tresses. Furthermore, you can use henna that will not only color hair but will also soften hair and add natural sheen. You can use henna every month and there will be no hair disasters.shampooing




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