Rihanna Hairstyle Evolution

I can surely say that Rihanna is the most popular celebrity of our times. She has inspired millions women with her image and that's why I want to show you Rihanna's most popular hairstyles. Rihanna's hairstyle has gone dramatic changes. All her images have become real trend and if you are her fan, you can check out Rihanna's hairstyle evolution where I have included the most fascinating celebrity haircuts.

Rihanna long hairstyles

Rihanna is a great lover of changes and it seems that she tries to wear all the hottest hairstyles. She became popular when she was quite young with smashing long hair. Her innocent image soon became an icon for millions of teen girls. There was nothing special about her long hairstyle but she knew how to make the most of her hairstyle.

Rihanna’s sexy bob hairstyle

Rihanna's new image made a real boom. She chopped off her hair and appeared wearing hot angled bob haircut. That was the beginning of her epic transformation. At first she wore angled bob with soft layers which was soon changed into asymmetric bob with asymmetric sharp layers.

short pixie haircut rihannaNext epic design was modern undercut hairstyle where she combined long bang with super short cut or shaved sides. Well, I must say that she looked jaw-dropping. If you want to become a real trendsetter among your friends you can copy Rihanna's short undercut hairstyle.

Then Rihanna changed undercut hairstyle to asymmetric short hair where shaved side was combined with asymmetric layers on the other side. Her every single image was in perfect harmony with her facial features and all her created images were real masterpieces.


Rihanna loves to change not only haircut but also hair color and with every new design she chose brand new hair color. She changed hair color from ebony black to bloody red and golden blonde and again she never made a mistake.

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