Wavy Hairstyles

2013 Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail hairstyle is no longer casual style and lifesaver from bad hair days. Ponytail hairstyle has already become the most beloved style of celebs and this is why ponytail hairstyle is so often seen on the red carpet. If you also want to have red carpet worth look, take a look at these pictures of 2013 ponytail hairstyles and recreate the hottest design.

Penelope-Cruz-Elegant-Ponytail-Hairstylesponytail hair

There is nothing complicated about styling simple ponytail. Just pull back hair and fix with rubber band. Depending on your hair texture you can wear neat and tight ponytail or more relaxed and messy hairstyle. You can also combine simple ponytail with cute hair accessory like headband that will spice up your look.

Ponytail Hairstyles 2013Elegant Ponytail Hairstyles

Latest runway shows represented various styles of ponytail from hair gurus and every single style is worth to be copied. You can also become one of beauty bunnies if you learn some styling skills. Do not be afraid of experimenting with different hairstyles, change your image on any occasion and you will surely make style statement with your hairstyle.

Jordin Sparks Hairstyles

Jordin Sparks hairJordin Sparks hair 02

Jordin Sparks hair 03Jordin-Sparks-tight-curls-hairstyle-2

Celebrity New Hairstyles

Celebville is the main source of inspiration for most of us because beauty icons always look flawless. Well, any of us can have celeb worth look with the group of professional stylists. Not everyone can afford attending hair salon every day or every other day and you have no choice but to learn to style hair for your own.


There are many celebrity hairstyles that you can recreate and all of them are stunning. First style that I want to mention is long hairstyle that is oh so popular among celebs. For inspiration you can check out red carpet events where celebs wear magnificent long hairstyles. Celebs just adore wavy and curly hairstyles and you can also create wavy style with curling iron.


Next popular design among celebrities is braided up-do. It can be glamorous messy braid, braided ponytail or any creative braided up-do that will complete your image. There are zillion plaiting options both complicated and simple but if you do not know how to create complicated style of braid, you can begin with French braid.

Prom Hairstyles Ideas

Prom is the first important event in teenage girl's life and this is why girls so much worried about their image. They begin preparations months before the party looking for evening gown, accessories and of course hairstyle. There are zillion formal hairstyles suitable for special occasions but not all of them are suitable for teen girls.

prom hairstyles

If you are looking for prom hairstyle for the big day, you can look through the gallery of formal hairstyles and find cute design for one. Most of the represented styles are complicated and can be styled only with the help of pro hairdresser. Such haircut can cost you a lot of money and if you are not ready to spend money, you can learn few simple tricks to create prom hairstyle for your own.

Elegant Wavy Hairstyles

Celebrities always look elegant and attractive and they always wear trendy hairstyles. They have their secrets of attractiveness but today you will find out one of their secrets. Proper hairstyle is the easiest way to have red carpet worth look so keep on hand some styling tools and products and get ready for beautiful makeover.


Jennifer Lopez will be your source of inspiration. Her amazing wavy hairstyle is very easy-to-do so you will have a unique chance to have picture perfect look for your own. Thanks to high class styling tools and products you will be able to create wavy hairstyle with minimal effort and time. First thing you should do is to wash hair with voluminous shampoo and blow dry with round brush. Try to lift the roots when blow drying for more glamorous effect. Then use curling iron or hot rollers to add soft and large waves to the edges. Fix the style with hairspray and tousle it with fingers. Voila, your elegant wavy hairstyle is ready.

Easy-to-do Long hairstyles

The owners of long hair probably know that long tresses need much effort to take care and style. This can become a real problem for women who have the lack of time. If you also cannot manage to to create polished and neat look, here are some easy-to-do long hairstyles that will arm you up with creative ideas.

Casual hairstyles for long hair

New season trends offer more relaxed and casual hairstyles. This is actually great because nothing can make woman more feminine and elegant than simple hairstyle. Furthermore, messy effect of hair will no longer be faux pas. Before talking about styling ideas, you can give brand new look to blunt haircut by adding few layers. Tapered layers will boost up the volume of hair while choppy and asymmetric design will break the monotony of casual and boring image.


Another popular detail that will change your look is bang hairstyle. This is the best option for those who want some changes but do not want to say good bye to an inch of long hair. It can be blunt bang, layered side bang or funky asymmetric bang for bolder image.

Asian Hairstyles Ideas

Asian hairstyles have changed a lot during past century and now are very popular all over the world. Actually, modern Asian hairstyles are interpretation of trendy and stylish designs that are quite familiar for you. There is one thing about Asian hairstyles and it is natural sleek and glossy hair that turns even the simplest haircut into a real masterpiece.

Asian Hairstyles Ideas

Most Asian girls have naturally dark and thick hair and every Asian girl knows how to make the most of her tresses. Here are some Asian hairstyles ideas that will help you to recreate desired style.