Wavy Hairstyles

Styling Ideas for Long Hair

Women love to wear long gorgeous hair and this is the main reason why most women have long hair. Long hairstyle has many advantages as well as disadvantages so let me mention some of them. The best thing about long hairstyle is that it can be styled in zillion ways. True beauty bunnies as well as hair stylists know how to make the most of long hair. If you are tired of casual and simple hairstyles, here are some new styling ideas for long hair that will help you to play up your femininity.

Long hairstyles trends

If you want to create seductive and magnetic look, wear blunt cut long hair and style it poker straight for breathtaking look. Such haircut can be completed with stylish blunt bang that will be perfectly suitable for round face shape. If you have wavy or curly hair you can use flat iron for perfect look. Remember to use heat protective serum in order to prevent hair from damage.

Long updo hairstyle

Asian Girls Hairstyles

Unique beauty and style of Asian girls have become dominant around the world and that’ why I have decided to get some inspiration from Asian women. They know all the secrets of being seductive and no wonder why they are considered the most beautiful women. Well, I think I said enough to assure you that their images are worth to be copied.

Asian Girls Hairstyles

First of all, let’s find out how they manage to have glossy and healthy hair. In fact there isn’t any secret. They always use natural oils to keep hair in perfect condition. You can also include hot oil treatment into your hair care ritual.

As we are talking about Asian girls hairstyles, let’s take a look at the latest hairstyles trends that are popular among Asian girls and women.

Asian girls up-do hairstyle

There is nothing special about Asian hairstyles but they manage to introduce even the simplest hairstyle in a brand new way. Natural dark hair will look breathtaking on any haircut so if you also have dark brown or brunette hair color, you can recreate one of these Asian girls hairstyles shown in this post.

First Date Hairstyles

Getting ready for your first date? If so, check out these first date hairstyles and some amazing ideas that will arm you up with useful tricks to have stunning look for that big day. There are many ways and options to have breathtaking look and sometimes this versatility confuses women. Often they can make big mistakes when choosing hairstyle so if you want to stay away from such hair disasters, you can keep in mind some creative ideas.


First style that I want to introduce is cute and elegant wavy hairstyle. Men confess that wavy or curly hairstyle is the sexiest and most attractive one that makes woman really feminine. If you have sleek hair you can add soft waves with the help of large rollers or curling iron. After you have finished styling waves, fix it with hairspray and spritz shine serum for blinding gloss. You can also complete your image with pretty hair accessory that will glam up your look.

Curls and waves with accessories 01

Selena Gomez Wavy Hairstyle

Selena Gomez is one of celebs who inspires millions of teen girls. Her unique beauty and style has already become trend that’s why I decided to introduce you the hottest hairstyle by Selena Gomez. She is one beauty bunnies who knows that natural and simple hairstyle will look more attractive than complicated up-do.


Her wavy hairstyle can be worn on any occasion be it wedding or casual event. You can use either hot rollers or curling iron to style soft and big waves. If you have at least shoulder length hair, you will easily create celeb worth look. Do not forget to use shine serum for blinding gloss.

Demi Lovato Wavy Hairstyle

Beauty bunny Demi Lovato has become inspiration for millions of teen girls. I should say that her image is worth to be copied because she always looks elegant. She knows how to look sexy and feminine and every time she surprises us with her breathtaking look. The most popular hairstyle is Demi Lovato’s long wavy hair, so take a look at these pictures and choose the best one to copy.

long wavy hairstyles 2014

Demi Lovato is one of celebs that never goes for dramatic changes. She can simply change hair color from dark brown to lighter shades or combine natural highlights with her brunette hair.

How to Style Curls

Angelic curly hairstyle is still the most amazing and feminine style for women and girls of all ages. Curly hairstyles are very popular and year by year they continue to be trendy and beloved by women. It doesn’t matter whether you have sleek or wavy hair, you will easily create any style of curls with the help of curling iron or hot rollers. If you still don’t know how to style curls, here are some useful ideas that will take your sculpting skills to the next level.

romantic curly hairstyle

Nowadays there are many styling products and tools that are made to ease your job. The most popular way to style curls is curling iron. All you need to do is to wash hair with volumizing shampoo and towel dry. In case you have sleek hair, you can apply volumizing mousse on damp hair and then begin the styling process. If you want to create fluffy curls you will need curling iron with narrow barrel. When you finish styling tight and defined curls leave them to cool down and then comb to create fluffy hairstyle.

Romantic curles

Another popular design is soft curly or wavy hairstyle that is oh so popular among celebs. In this case too you will not face any difficulties. For soft and barely seen waves you should use large barrel curling iron or large rollers. In case you use styling iron make sure you do not keep the iron too long. When you finish the styling process, run fingers through hair to separate curls and create more natural and relaxed style.  

Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Every time I write about bridal hairstyles, I remember my own wedding. It was a real chaos. The preparations took more than two months and it was really difficult to find the best wedding dress, makeup style and hair design. One thing I learnt from all that staff that it is very hard to find hairstyle, you always think that you can find better style and in the end you simply get confused.

There are zillion hairstyles that will be suitable for wedding that’s why I have put together several wedding hairstyles ideas that will help you to find the best option for that big day.


I can hardly say whether loose or up-do hairstyle will look best for wedding. However, there is conception that sophisticated up-do hairstyle is more suitable for bride. When it comes to bridal up-do hairstyles, I can mention infinite options and all of them are simply fantastic. The only thing about up-do hairstyles is that most of them are too complicated with different twists. If you want to create more natural and glamorous look, you’d better consider bridal loose hairstyles.

classic hairstyle widding

If you have long hair, you can simply create wavy or curly hairstyle and complete it with hair accessory. Recently natural and artificial flowers are of great popularity. You can wear wavy hair with tiny flowers tucked in it or a single huge flower tucked to one side.

Medium Hairstyles Ideas

Shoulder length haircut is the most frequently chosen style as it is easy to wear and stylish. Busy women who do not have time to style long hair will surely like the idea of having effortlessly chic and glamorous hairstyle. If you have already got medium haircut, you can learn few creative ideas that will help you to turn your casual style into a style statement. Here are some styling ideas for medium hair for your consideration.


The easiest way to give stylish and elegant look to medium haircut is to create waves. Soft wavy hairstyle will be suitable for any occasion like business meeting, wedding or party. You can style waves both with rollers and curling iron, the only thing to keep in mind is that you should use large barrel iron or large rollers to create loose and soft waves. When you finish styling hair, spritz hairspray to fix the style and make it last longer.


Medium hairstyle can also be worn in elegant stylish up-do. It can be classy chignon, low ballerina bun or creative braided hairstyle. If you have shorter layers, you can fix flyaway strands with bobby pins. You can also leave few strands on the front section to frame your face. There are also many formal styles like retro wavy or flirty quiff that will be perfectly suitable for formal occasion. In order to create flawless look you should practice your skills and be sure you will soon be able to create picture perfect look for your own.