Updo Hairstyles

Sexy Up-do Hairstyles

Women take care of physical physical appearance and always ready to pay any price to have smashing look. I am sure that you are one of them. This statement works especially when it comes to formal hairstyle because any party is a unique chance for woman to show off her elegance and sexuality. If you have faced the problem of choosing up-do hairstyle for special occasion, you can get some inspiration from this selection of sexy up-do hairstyles that include all the hottest examples of up-dos.

Before thinking about formal hairstyle, make sure you have healthy hair. It will be much harder to style dry and frizzy hair than deal with smooth and silky tresses. If you have lifeless hair, you’d better go for trimming and moisturizing and then think about up-do hairstyle.

2013 Formal Hair UpdosChic Formal Hair Updos 2013

Polished Formal Updo Hair StylesFormal Hair Updos

Hair gurus have created infinite up-do hairstyles both classy and modern and you will be offered wide versatility of styles. It will not be easy to choose the best hairstyle for you so if you have time you can style several designs and choose the best one.

Modern Braided Hairstyles

Modern hairstyles trends are getting bolder with smashing haircuts and hairstyles so stay on trend with the latest designs and practice your skills to create smashing designs for your own. There are many hairstyles that are going to be on trend next season and you will have great variety of options to experiment with. As for me, braided hairstyle is the best one. It is not just hairstyle, it’s a real art especially complicated designs of braided hairstyles so do not waste your time and check out these examples of modern braided styles and get ready for beautiful makeover.

Chic Braided Hairstyles 2013Chic Braided Hairstyles

Modern Braided HairstylesCasual Braided Hairstyles

If you have run out of styling ideas, creative braided hairstyle will become perfect lifesaver for you. Simple styles of braids like French braid can be styled without any effort so keep in mind such style and wear it any time you have bad hair days. Modern styles of braids include messy side braid, braided ponytail or braided bang hairstyles that are easy to do and can be created with minimal effort.

More complicated styles of braids like milkmaid braid, herringbone or fishtail braided hairstyle is meant to complete your formal outfit and believe me you will have jaw-dropping look with braided hairstyle. Still, those designs are a bit complicated and you should know how to plait hair. There are numerous video tutorials that will show you how to braid hair. 

Celebrity Formal Hairstyles Ideas

Red carpet events like Oscar Awards and many other grandiose red carpet events are popular with smashing parade of celebrity styles. These annual awards serve as the best source of inspiration for women who like to have picture perfect look. If you are looking for inspiration for coming party, check out these celebrity formal hairstyles ideas and learn how you can play up your femininity in the best way.

Celebrity HairstylesCelebrity Hairstyles 01

Celebrity Hairstyles 02Celebrity Hairstyles 2013

I have looked through the pictures of latest red carpet event and came to conclusion that celebs forgot about complicated hairstyles and turned to more natural and relaxed designs. This selection of celebrity formal hairstyles include both loose and pulled up hairstyles so you will surely find perfect option for you.

Among the most popular celebrity up-do hairstyles I can mention ballerina bun, chignon, beautiful French twist as well as different styles of braided designs and all of them look simply fantastic. All these styles are easy to do and there is nothing complicated about them. You can create neat bun up-do in five minutes and this style can become lifesaver from bad hair days.

Celebrity Formal Hairstyles IdeasCelebrity Up-do Hairstyles

Celebrity Elegant HairstylesCelebrity Elegant Hairstyles 2013

Another celebrity formal hairstyle that I want to show you is classy ponytail hairstyle. Beauty bunnies just adore wearing ponytail hairstyles; it can be loose messy tail, high slicked tail or braided ponytail hairstyle. I am sure that you will have no problems styling ponytail hairstyle so remember these examples and wear one of designs for coming party.

Popular Up-do Hairstyles

Want instant makeover in your casual appearance? If so, check out new and popular up-do hairstyles collection that include all the latest trends of pulled up hairstyles. The following styling ideas will take your sculpting skills to the next level so that you will be able to create elegant look for your own.

Popular Up-do Hairstyles side ponytail hairstyles 2013

Thanks to modern hair styling techniques and styling tools one can create any unimaginable hairstyle and teh design of your hairstyle will depend only on your imagination. On the other hand, if you are rookie in the art of hair styling, you can begin with simple and easy-to-do hairstyles that do not require special skills.

Loose updo hairstyles 2013

Loose updo hairstyles 2013

Loose updo hairstyleswavy updo hairstyles 2013

One of the most popular up-do hairstyles is still ponytail. This style is beloved by all women and celebs. You can check out red carpet events where beauty icons wear modern and hot styles of ponytail. High slicked ponytail, messy side tail and braided ponytail hairstyles are only the part of popular ponytail hairstyles so practice your skills and always try to create new design.

Celebrity Formal Hairstyles

Special occasion requires you to wear elegant and polished hairstyle. There is no need to go for complicated design to have polished look. There are many beautiful and less sophisticated formal hairstyles that can be created with minimal effort. You will not find better inspiration than celebrity formal hairstyles. You can just check the latest red carpet event where celebs wear smashing formal hairstyles. I think that you will like the idea of celeb worth look on the coming party so do not waste your time and money in hair salons, just take a look at these pictures of celebrity formal hairstyles presented below.

Hairstyles trends of last years proved that sophisticated doesn’t mean elegant and attractive. Natural and simple hairstyle can make you look very feminine and attractive. The only thing to remember is to find the style that will bring out your natural beauty and sexuality.

The easiest way to create formal hairstyle is to go for wavy or curly hair. Wavy chignon, wavy ponytail or any creative wavy up-do will turn you into a real princess. You can also leave few strands to frame your face and make your glimpse more attractive.

Elegant  hairstyles

curly updo healthy

Another popular celebrity hairstyle is ballerina bun. It can be simple neat bun or tight bun with braided or twisted strands. Beehive bun up-do is also very popular among celebs but it is a bit complicated and if you are not skilled you’d better go for simple bun. New style of bun is cute side bun up-do or side chignon completed with hair clip.

bunsprom hairstyle

Doutzen Kroes Glam Hairstyles

Doutzen Kroes elegant hairDoutzen Kroes hair

Doutzen Kroes hair 01Doutzen Kroes hair 02

2013 Up-do Hairstyles Ideas

Choosing elegant up-do hairstyle is must have especially if you are getting ready for a formal event. New season will bring series of amazing up-do hairstyles that are so glamorous and stylish. Being elegant and trendy up-do hairstyles attract attention and can jazz up your look in a flash. Be it sophisticated or simple, classy or modern, pulled up hairstyles will never go out of the fashion so be sure you will look stunning with any kind of up-do hairstyle. This selection of 2013 up-do hairstyles include all the newest examples of designs.

Styling Ideas for Long HairStyling Ideas for Long Hair updo

Extra voluminous up-do is the main trend of new season as it looks dramatic and sexy. Few styling techniques will help you to create smashing design with minimal effort. For bolder look you can use hair sponges.

New season hairstyles trends also include numerous examples of loose and relaxed styles that are meant to complete your casual outfit. Tousled hair is no longer faux pas and you can easily have smashing look with messy braid or bun.

Long hairstyle styling ideas2013 Up-do Hairstyles Ideas

Stylish Bun Up-do Hairstyles

Bun up-do hairstyle is still the most popular pulled up hairstyle suitable for any occasion. There are many variations of bun up-do both simple and complicated and depending on your sculpting skills to can copy one of these bun up-do hairstyles.

Aishwarya Rai updo hairstyleelegant updo hairstyle

amber heard updo hairupdo hairstyles

Many celebrities often choose bun up-do hairstyle for different red carpet events and if you also want to have celeb worth look, you can get some inspiration from celebrity up-do hairstyles. These pictures of stylish bun up-do hairstyles will also be useful for you.