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Short Punk Haircuts Ideas

In last couple of years punk image stoped being the choice of punks because most modern designs of punk hairstyles are less dramatic and quite suitable for the lovers of trendy and funky designs. If you are also the lover of alternative haircuts, you can get some inspiration from these short punk haircuts ideas that look really hot. Short Punk Haircuts Ideas

Short Punk Hairstyles Ideas

There are many punk hairstyles both long and short but as for me, only short haircut can create desired effect of edgy punk style. In this case too, you will be offered numerous examples of designs suitable for punk image. Thanks to modern hair cutting techniques new punk hairstyles are all about texture and versatility. I mean, such style can by transformed into quite elegant and casual design. You just need to know some styling ideas. One of the most popular punk style is short undercut hairstyle with crop cut or shaved sides and long layered hair on the top. Such haircut can be worn sleek for elegant and neat look or spiky to complete your punk image. Having proper haircut doesn't mean that you have already got punk image. Styling process is very important so practice your skills and you will soon be able to create real masterpiece. The usage of high quality styling products are very important. Use stronghold hairspray and high fixation styling gel to create long lasting hairstyle.

Short Punk Hairstyles2013 Punk Hairstyles Ideas

Spiky short style can be created with the help of texturizing paste. First thing you should do is to straighten hair with flat iron. Then apply the paste or pomade on your palms, rub a bit and style with fingers. After you have created spiky hair, spritz hair spray but make sure you do not apply too much hairspray, otherwise hair will look greasy.

2013 Short Blonde Haircuts

The perfect combination of haircut and hair color can help you to have winning look and it will be stupid not to take into consideration this fact and wear boring hairstyle. There are zillion trendy haircuts as well as wide palette of colors and it can be really tricky to find the best combination. Surely you can get inspiration from celebs and beauty icons but you can easily make a mistake so let's first analyze your features and personality. If you are strong and bold personality, it mean's you will like the idea of wearing sexy short haircut. In case you think that going short will be too radical, you can go for short bob or chin length medium haircut. The reason why I have chosen short haircut is that such designs will be dominating next year and you will never regret of going short. Jennie Garth Short Blonde Hairstyle


There are zillion examples of short haircuts both elegant and edgy and your choice will depend on the image you want to create. It can be short pixie with choppy layers or layered short bob. After choosing trendy haircut, it is high time to choose new hair color that will complete your image. In fact, there are many dazzling colors that will be in perfect harmony with short hair but there is one that will totally transform your look. I am talking about blonde color that will be trendy next season.

Short Blonde HaircutsShort Blonde Haircut ideas

2013 short blonde haircuts look so sexy and hot that anyone can hardly resist your seductiveness. You can do nothing but enjoy the attention of every single man around you. I guess you will like your new image. 

Short Hairstyles Trends for 2013

Take a look at these short hairstyles and choose the one for coming holidays. You still have time to glam up your look with brand new haircut so do not waste your time on styling long lifeless locks and become the owner of sexy short haircut. Make a real boom with your new haircut and be sure you will have show-stopping look. Find the perfect length and design of crops that will bring out your natural beauty. Remember that short hair opens your face and accentuates facial features. If you think that short hair will not be suitable for your face shape or features, you can learn some tricks that will help you to hide all imperfections and make your face proportionate.

short haircut 20132013-New-Short-Hairstyles-for-Women

2013 short hairstyles trends include stunning examples of short layered hairstyles like short pixie with choppy or asymmetric layers. Actually, layered pixie hairstyle is the most popular design among all available styles. The versatility of styling options will never let you get bored experimenting with your hair. You can wear it sleek with deep side parting or simply backcombed or you can spice the things up with spiky or tousled pixie hairstyle.

blonde haircuts shortshort blonde hairs with bang

Doutzen Kroes Glam Hairstyles

Doutzen Kroes elegant hairDoutzen Kroes hair

Doutzen Kroes hair 01Doutzen Kroes hair 02

2013 Male Haircuts

2013 male haircuts represent all the newest designs and if you want to have trendy look, you can get inspiration from these pictures that I have put together. Most of the styles are a bit longer with long layers so if you have decided to recreate one of these styles, you can first grow out hair.

Men HaircutsMen Haircuts 2013

2013 Male HaircutsMen Haircuts 2013

2013 hairstyles are all about versatility and texture. Leave behind simple crop cut hair and make a real style statement with your new hairstyle. The easiest way to have trendy look is to keep bang longer and experiment various stylish designs. Here are some of them for 2013.

2013 Male Hairstyles Trends

2013 hairstyles trends include numerous examples of trendy male hairstyles that are stylish and really hot. Most designs that are included in new trends are a bit longer so if you want to have trendy look you should grow out hair copy one of these 2013 male hairstyles. 

Men's hairstyles 2013Men's hair for 2013

2013 hairstyles are all about versatility and texture and these are the main features of trendy hairstyles. Most styles are completed with long layers on the crown area. There are bolder styles with super crop cut or shaved sides combined with longer layers as well as simple styles for those who are not ready for dramatic image.  

Men's hairstylesHairstyles 2013 for men

Short crop cut hair with choppy layers is exactly what you were looking for. Choppy long layers on the crown area will arm you up with infinite styling ideas and you will never get bored experimenting with haircut. You can create tousled style with styling gel or texturizer or elegant side swept design suitable for formal outfit. 

2013 Sexy Short Haircuts

It is high time to leave behind casual hairstyle of past season and glam up your look with one of 2013 stylish haircuts that will totally change your image. New season hairstyles include both short and long hairstyles and which one to choose is up to you. I decided to devote this post to new styles of short haircut that are going to be very popular next season. All these designs are worth to be copied so check out these sexy short haircuts for 2013 and inspire yourself for next re-style. 2013 Sexy Short HaircutsShort Layered Haircut

Short Layered HaircutsShort Layered Haircut 2013

Stylish short haircut can be amazing accessory for strong and confident woman and if you feel that you are the one that can make a real style statement with your image, you just ought to go shorter. Thanks to modern hair cutting techniques hair gurus have created numerous short hairstyles for any face shape and personality. 2013 short hairstyles are completed with choppy and asymmetric layers that make short haircut more fashionable. If you have some styling skills you will easily create any desired style. It can be spiky or tousled short hair that will complete your image with funky twist or more classy sleek design for formal occasions.

Choppy Layered Short Hair01Choppy Layered Short Haircuts

Choppy Layered Short Haircuts 2013Layered Short Haircuts

Choppy layered short hair will be more suitable for teen girls. If you want to have more elegant and classy image, you can combine short haircut with graduated layers. It can be short layered bob or short pixie with long layered bang that will frame your face.

2013 Long Hairstyles with Bangs

Ladies with long hair know the secrets of attractiveness and long hairstyle can look dull and boring. Going shorter is something fantastic for the owners of long hair that's why I will not offer you this trick. So which is the best option to create new look without changing hair length? Bang hairstyle will be perfect trick that will totally change your image. Here are some ideas of 2013 long hairstyles with bangs that will inspire you for next beautiful makeover.

Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2013Long Hairstyles with Bang

Before talking about hairstyles ideas, let me tell you that long hair needs special hair care. If you cannot devote much time on hair care, You'd better wear shorter haircut that will be easier to maintain. On the other hand, if you are a true beauty bunny, you should learn all the tricks to make the most of your tresses.

Sexy long hair with bang2013 Long Hairstyles with Bangs

2013 long hairstyles trends include various styles of bangs for any face shape and taste. Actually bang is meant to frame your face, emphasize your best features and at the same time hide little faults. The most popular style of bang is blunt cut bang that will be a smashing complement to your fabulous long hair.