Short Hairstyles

Cute Short Haircuts

Are you ready for new season? If not, take a sneak peek at these cute short haircuts that will change not only your image but also your life. Never miss your chance to emphasize your unique beauty and elegance with brand new haircut. I am sure that once you create short hairstyle, you will simply fall in love with your new image. The versatility of short haircuts and hairstyles is simply fantastic, you will even get confused when choosing proper style for you. Short haircut will open your face and highlight your best features so if you think that super short crop cut hair will not be suitable for your features, you can go for short bob or short pixie with long bang hairstyle.

Short curly hairstyle

2014  short curly hairstyle

Katherine Heigl’s New Image

Recently celebrities often go for dramatic changes to keep all eyes on them. Actually this is good because we have got totally new images for inspiration. One of the latest dramatic makeover that inspired me was Katherine Heigl's new image. She is known as a fairy blonde with shoulder length hair.

celebrity hairstyle

Her new image made a real boom. She chopped off her long hair and rocked the red carpet with sexy short pixie haircut. She chose that bold image for her new role and I must say she looked simply fantastic. Her dramatic makeover was the one that I call "well turned" because going shorter is bold decision. If you are also the lover of dramatic changes, you can copy Katherine Heigl's new image.

Casual Hairstyles Ideas

Women were always looking for easy ways to have attractive and elegant look and still not all of them know how to be sexy. The following creative ideas will take your skills to the next level so if you still rookie in the art of styling, you can learn some ideas from these examples of casual hairstyles.

casual hairstyle

Anyone can create casual and neat hairstyle that will be a perfect complement to any outfit that's why it is utterly important to know some styling options for any occasion. If you want to create neat and stylish look you can create cute ponytail or braided hairstyle. Both styles are simple and easy-to-do. For flirty look you can wear wavy half up-do combined with colorful hair accessory. These hairstyles are suitable for ladies with long tresses. If you have shorter hair things will be much easier for you as short haircut is of low maintenance. In case you have natural wavy or curly hair, you can create messy hairstyle with the help of texturizer.

Casual Hair Fashion


Army Hairstyles Ideas for 2014

Army hairstyle stopped being the one for soldiers and officers. Short buzz cut hairstyle is the most popular style as it is masculine and of low maintenance. Actually, there are many styles of army haircuts that are trendy and popular not only among soldiers but also among celebrities. Here are some of the trendiest army hairstyles that will surely inspire you.

Army Haircuts trends 2014

First style to be mentioned is high and tight buzz cut hairstyle. Here the sides and the back are almost shaved while the crown area is cut very short. Flat-top hairstyle is very close to the previous one, the only difference is that sides are shaved and the contrast between the crown area and shaved sides is noticeable.

buzz haircut

Army hairstyles have many advantages, it is of low maintenance and always looks trendy. The only thing to keep in mind is that such buzz cut hairstyle is suitable for men with proportionate scalp and face shape. If you think that short buzz cut hair will not be suitable for you, you can find numerous styles in my blog. 

2014 Male Hairstyles

Men like women try to be trendy and attractive that's why every year male hairstyle trends are upgraded with brand new designs that are modern and very stylish. 2014 male hairstyles trends include numerous classy and elegant designs that will be suitable for formal outfit. If you want to change your image for coming season, take a look at these examples and pick the best option for you.


The most popular hair length for men is of course short crop cut hair that is easy-to-do and doesn't require much effort. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should have proportionate face shape and scalp. For stylish look you can leave hair a bit longer on the crown area. This trick will arm you up with numerous options. You can wear hair side parted, backcombed or tousled for funky look. All you need is texturizer or styling gel to set hair and create long lasting hairstyle.

2014 Layered Hairstyles Trends

I will not surprise you if I say that layering is going to be the trend of new season. This simple detail will totally change your boring haircut so if you want to breathe life to your tresses you can add few layers to your haircut. There are different hair textures and hair types so when choosing the style of layers you should first of all take into consideration hair type and texture. Here are some ideas of 2014 layered hairstyles as well as useful tricks that will help you to have picture perfect look.

Layered haircut

If you have short thin hair, you can add choppy layers that will create an illusion of voluminous and thick hair. It can be choppy layered pixie or soft layered short bob that that will look trendy and really hot. When styling such haircut use round brush and lift the roots when blow drying. Texturizing paste or hairspray will fix hair and provide you with long lasting hairstyle.

2014 Hairstyles with Layers

Learn the secrets of 2014 hairstyles trends and become trendsetter with your brand new haircut. There are zillion new hairstyles and haircuts and you are completely free to choose desired style but let me show you some amazing tricks that will help you to turn your boring style into a real style statement.

Layered hairstyles of this season

New hairstyles trends include amazing examples of layered haircuts. Once you create layered haircut, you will experiment with infinite styles. No matter you choose short layered or super long layered haircut, you will have trendy look. Here are some of the most popular layered hairstyles for 2014 to inspire you. Short haircut is more often completed with choppy or asymmetric layers. Short pixie with choppy layers will be smashing complement to any image. Such haircut will be suitable for both teen girls and mature women so dare to wear sexy short hair and be sure you will keep all eyes on you.

blonde-short layered haircut 2014

You can style layered short pixie sleek for elegant and classy look, tousled for funky and relaxed look and styled in retro waves that will be smashing complement for formal outfit. Well, as you see, short hair will not limit you in styling options.

2014 Teen Hairstyles Ideas

New season hairstyles trends are so versatile that one can hardly manage to look through all the newest hairstyles. Both adult women and teenage girls wish to look seductive and stylish and this is why hair gurus do their best to satisfy every single caprice. We talked much about new hairstyles for adult women, so let me show you some of the hottest hairstyles for teenage girls. This collection of styles include the most popular and beloved designs by true fashionistas and no matter which one you choose you will look stunning. Let's consider some of these trendy teen hairstyles so that you  will be able to make a choice. Teenage Hairstyles 2014

Teenage Hairstyles

Teenage Layered Hairstyles Teenage Long Hairstyles Hairstyle is meant to highlight your personality and lifestyle so when it comes to teen hairstyle, do not forget to stay away from complicated and elegant hairstyles and go for more relaxed designs that will be age appropriate. There are zillion styles that will be suitable for teen girls and the best one is long hairstyle. There is nothing more attractive and sexy than long hair cascading down on your shoulders so grow out your locks and become the owner of smashing long hairstyle. Add modern twist to your hair with few choppy or asymmetric layers and bang.