Short Hairstyles

2016 Hairstyles Trends

2016 hairstyles trends represent real parade of amazing haircuts and hair colors that are made to boost up woman’s femininity and natural beauty. I will try to mention the hottest trends of new season so that you can decide which one to have.

First thing to be said about new season trend is that it is a mixture of contrastive styles; I mean, both elegant and bold designs will be trendy and you are completely free to choose desired style. There will be no limits and boundaries.


The trend of new season is short haircut. Such style is the one that will complete the image of strong and confident woman. There are infinite designs of short haircut and all of them are worth to be copied. You can find smashing styles of short haircut that will emphasize your best features so dare to ware one of 2016 short haircuts.

choppy hairstyle with a bang

Another hairstyle that will be still trendy is long layered hairstyle. This time long hairstyles are completed with layers and bang. These details can turn simple and boring design into a real style statement. If you have got long hair, you can wear either straight or wavy. Classy up-do hairstyles are still popular and I think that they will never go out of the fashion.

Medium hairstyle is gorgeous alternative for those who cannot solve beauty dilemma. Shoulder length hair is trendy, stylish and doesn’t require much effort.

Long Curly hairstyles

Let me tell you few words about 2016 male hairstyles trends that will surely be inspiring. New and modern variations of undercut style will be the main trend of new season. Such haircut can be worn in numerous ways like sleek, side swept or tousled.

New Hair Colors for Short Hair

The combination of modern short haircut and new hair color can do wonders with your image and if you are wise you will never miss your chance to become a real beauty bunny. You should learn how to combine short haircut with dazzling hair color. You will find infinite short haircuts and wide palette of hair colors but this is only the part of it. The most important thing is to learn how to wear crop cut hair so that it will make you stand out in a crowd.

The style of haircut will depend on your features. If you have feminine features you can wear even the shortest and the boldest haircut that will look trendy and really sexy. On the other hand, if you have round of square face shape, you should keep hair a bit longer. It can be short pixie with longer bang or short bob haircut that will give face soft and feminine lines.

Trendy hair colors for short hair 01

When it comes to new hair color ideas for short hair, I must say that any chosen color will look breathtaking. Both block coloring and highlighting  will be suitable for short haircut and your choice will depend only on the image you want to create. Bright colors will spice up your look so dare to wear multi tonal hair color. Place chunky highlights on the front section and be sure your new image will become a trend among your friends and not only.

2016 Short Pixie Hairstyles

Get ready for festive season with sexy short haircut that will help you to break the monotony and add bright twist to your image. Feel revitalizing effect of short haircut as well as enjoy all the benefits of this hair length.

2016 short pixie hairstyles include all the newest designs and no matter which style you choose you will have breathtaking look.

Funky pixie hairstyles03

You will find zillion designs of short haircut and you may first get confused when choosing suitable style for you. If you are brave enough, you can go for super short crop cut hair that will bring out your natural beauty and sexuality. Still, such haircut will not be suitable for everyone. If you think that you are not ready for dramatic changes, you can copy one of these short pixie hairstyles that are going to be the main trend of new season. 

Layered Punk Hairstyles

Dare to wear one of these layered punk hairstyles that will totally transform your image and make you keep all eyes on you with your nontraditional look.

Punk style is very popular nowadays especially among teen boys and girls. Such bold and cool hairstyle is perfect option to emphasize personality so if you also want to become the owner of edgy punk hairstyle, check out these layered punk hairstyles and choose the best one for dramatic makeover.

Layered Punk Hair Styles

True punk hairstyle is rather edgy and eccentric and today we are not going to talk about those styles. Let’s check out the styles that are quite simple and elegant but can be easily transformed into punk style. You can easily create desired look by going for layered haircut. Graduated layers will not work for punk style, while choppy and asymmetric layers will be just perfect. Depending on your hair length, you can create different designs. For shorter hair you create short pixie with long choppy bang and style it spiky.

Layered Punk Hairstyles03

Shoulder length hair can be transformed into real fashion statement with asymmetric layers. Asymmetric choppy bang will be amazing complement to such haircut. Medium layered hairstyle can be worn in numerous ways. Wavy style will look elegant and stylish but you can easily transform it to fabulous punk style with texturizer or styling gel.

Short Spiky Hairstyles

If you are the lover of short haircuts, you will simply fall in love with brand new styles of short haircut that are included in 2014 hairstyles trends.Forget about long boring hair, instead, make a real style statement with your short spiky hairstyle.

Short hairstyle is no longer male haircut. Millions of women go for short style and this is why short crop cut hair is on the top of popularity among all available designs. Once you decide to go shorter, you will not feel the lack of inspiration. You can search the web and find zillion designs of short styles or get some inspiration from celebs who wear the hottest haircuts of new season.

Hairstyles with layered spikes01

Latest hairstyles trends include amazing styles of short pixie that are suitable for confident and strong women. Short pixie haircut can be worn in numerous ways but now I want to show you some creative styling tips to wear hair spiky. Such image will make you stand out in a crowd and keep all eyes on you.

Short Spiky Hairstyles

If you have already got trendy pixie haircut, you can learn few simple tricks to turn your hair into a real masterpiece.

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

If we need some inspiration, we turn to celebrities and beauty icons because they always look hot and stylish. The secret of their attractiveness is a group of hair gurus who know all the tricks of creating flawless design. Not everyone can afford the help of pro hairdresser. So what to do if you want to have celeb worth look? Here are some celebrity short hairstyles that look smashing and at the same time will be easy to do.

Cropped hairstyles for women

Recently, the tendency of going short is strong especially among celebrities. You will find numerous examples of celebrity short haircuts and you will not feel the lack of inspiration. If you are ready for dramatic makeover, you can wear even the shortest haircut that will bring out your natural beauty and sexuality. Still, such haircut is not suitable for everyone. Those who have round or square face shape, should definitely stay away from short crop cut hair and go for longer styles.

short hairstyles for women

Layered short pixie is next popular style that is beloved by celebs. More often they choose short pixie with longer bang that can be styled in zillion ways. Once you create short pixie style you will be able to wear it straight, tousled or in glamorous waves.

Celebrity Formal Hairstyles

Are you in need of some inspiration for coming party? If so, get some creative ideas from celebrities who always appear on the red carpet wearing the hottest hairstyles.

There are many varieties of formal styles and all of them are worth to be copied. However, most celebrity hairstyles are complicated and can be created only with the help of  professional hairdresser. If you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on formal hairstyle, you can choose one of these celebrity hairstyles that are easy to do yet so elegant and sexy.

Elegant hairstyles for special occasions 04

The trend of new season is retro wavy hairstyle. The best thing about retro hairstyle is that in can be created on any hair length. If you have short hair, you can create Marcel waves with the help of hair pins. For long lasting effect use stronghold hairspray but make sure you do not spritz much hairspray, otherwise  your hairstyle will look greasy.

If you have medium length hair, you can create finger waves and leave hair loose. Deep side parted hairstyle will look even more elegant and attractive.

Elegant hairstyles01

Ladies who are blessed with gorgeous long hair have many options from loose styles to elegant pulled up hairstyles. If you are looking for flirty and sexy hairstyle, you can wear half up-do that will open your face and at the same time show off your long hair. Both sleek and wavy half up-do will be suitable for special occasions. 

Prom Hairstyles Ideas

Every teenage girl wants to have breathtaking look on prom and that’s why they begin planning details long before the big day. If you also get ready for your prom, I advise you to begin with evening gown. After you have chosen dress, you can go on choosing hairstyle and makeup suitable for dress. When it comes to makeup, pro makeup artists advise more natural styles with subtle shades. Let’s not forget that you are a young teenage girl and bright makeup will not be age appropriate. Well, if you have already chosen dress and makeup style, you can now choose formal hairstyle that will complete your image. I have prepared for you some creative prom hairstyles that will be perfectly suitable for that big day.

hairstyles for Promenade01

Prom hairstyle should be cute, elegant and natural without any sophisticated twists. Girls more often make great mistake when choosing complicated up-do hairstyles because such design looks rather grotesque so you’d better go for relaxed hairstyle.

hairstyles for Prom

Elegant prom hairstyle can be created on any hair length and haircut. You just need to know some styling secrets that will help you style hair for your own. You will not have to spend money on prom hairstyle, instead, you can spend money on hair accessory that will spice up your look.

If you have short hair, you can create funky spikes for modern look or retro hairstyle with finger waves for glamorous image. Medium length haircut can be styled wavy or curly with curling iron. Shiny headband or hair clip will be amazing complement to such haircut.