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2013 Modern Slicked Hairstyles

New season hairstyles tendencies include various hairstyles and haircuts for any taste and preference. There are also many bold and dramatic styles that are not suitable for everyone. At this time I won't talk about edgy hairstyles. Let's check out these 2013 modern slicked hairstyles that have become the main trend of latest runway shows.

Gorgeous Slicked Hairstyles Ideaslady hairstyles

Slicked hairstyles were the main trend of this summer and next season too slicked hairstyles will be trendy. The advantages of such haircut makes it so popular. It is easy-to-do, elegant and suitable for any occasion. You will be able to create neat and slicked hairstyle in less than five minutes. All you have to do is to learn few styling tricks from these slicked hairstyles and practice different designs for your own.

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2013 Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail hairstyle is no longer casual style and lifesaver from bad hair days. Ponytail hairstyle has already become the most beloved style of celebs and this is why ponytail hairstyle is so often seen on the red carpet. If you also want to have red carpet worth look, take a look at these pictures of 2013 ponytail hairstyles and recreate the hottest design.

Penelope-Cruz-Elegant-Ponytail-Hairstylesponytail hair

There is nothing complicated about styling simple ponytail. Just pull back hair and fix with rubber band. Depending on your hair texture you can wear neat and tight ponytail or more relaxed and messy hairstyle. You can also combine simple ponytail with cute hair accessory like headband that will spice up your look.

Ponytail Hairstyles 2013Elegant Ponytail Hairstyles

Latest runway shows represented various styles of ponytail from hair gurus and every single style is worth to be copied. You can also become one of beauty bunnies if you learn some styling skills. Do not be afraid of experimenting with different hairstyles, change your image on any occasion and you will surely make style statement with your hairstyle.

Simple Ponytail Hairstyles

Simple and not sophisticated hairstyle is exactly what you need for casual occasions especially if you feel that loose tresses stir you. There is great variety of casual hairstyles that are easy-to-do and need minimal time to style. The most popular one among all available styles is simple ponytail hairstyle that will take you only five minutes to style.


It cannot be said that simple ponytail hairstyle can be worn only on casual occasions. If you check out latest runway shows and red carpet events, you will find out numerous examples of celebrity ponytail hairstyles that look simply fantastic. You can also turn simple and casual ponytail hairstyle into a real style statement with simple styling tricks.


If you do not know what to do with messy hair, you can just pull back hair and tie in a loose tail. Ladies with wavy hair can just apply texturizer to make waves more defined. You can also leave few flyaway strands on the front section to add more relaxed and glamorous twist to your image. 

Chic Ponytail Hairstyles

New hairstyles trends represent all the classy and beloved styles with upgraded twists that are meant to satisfy any capricious beauty bunny. Here is one more classy up-do that has been completed with creative twists and now is the hottest design. I am talking about ponytail hairstyle that is still the most frequently chosen design from all available hairstyles. There are many reasons why ponytail is so popular and I'll try to show some of them briefly.

Elegant ponytail hairstyles

Anyone who has long hair can create simple ponytail and no special skills are required. Ponytail hairstyle have become lifesaver for millions of women. Below shown chic ponytail hairstyles represent more formal styles of simple up-do that will be amazing complement to formal outfit.