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Elegant Hairstyles for Men

Elegant hairstyles for men

African American Cornrows Styles

Can you tell me which is the most popular African American hairstyle among boys and girls? I am sure that you know the right answer. Yes, I am talking about cornrows hairstyles that have become the most popular styles of celebrities. Cornrows hairstyle is a real masterpiece as it is complicated with unique design. If you have decided to wear cornrows hairstyle, you can learn some useful tricks as well as check out new cornrows hairstyles that are trendy and popular.

african hairstyles cornrows

The most important thing to be said is that it is complicated and cannot be styled for your own. Unique plaiting skill is a real art and not every hair stylist can create flawless look. There are infinite styles of cornrows and pro stylist can create a brand new style that no one wore before. African American corwnrows hairstyle represents unique plaiting technique where hair is braided close to scalp. The style of lines and braids is up to you and your imagination. After you have got ideal cornrows hairstyle, you can wear it more than a month. Your hairstyle will last longer if you take care of it in a proper way.

Long Bob Hairstyles Ideas

Classy bob hairstyle still continues to be the most popular design for women of all ages. The versatility of bob haircut is simply fantastic. Numerous designs of bob include beautiful and bold styles and no matter which one you choose you will have show-stopping look. Bob hairstyles also include examples of short and long bob that are also very popular. Short bob is perfect in-between solution for those who do not want to wear short haircut while long bob will become lifesaver for ladies who can no longer take care of long hair.

Katie Holmes bob haircut

Long bob haircut has become very popular among celebs and if you want to get some inspiration, you can turn to celebrity long bob hairstyles. All of them are very elegant and will be suitable for any face shape.

long bob hairstyle

Shoulder length blunt bob is classy, elegant and trendy. Furthermore such haircut will be gorgeous alternative for round face shape. Long blunt bob can be combined with blunt or side swept bang that will make your glimpse more attractive.