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2016 Teen Hairstyles Ideas

New season hairstyles trends include numerous examples of teen hairstyles that are stylish and age appropriate. If you also want to have trendy and attractive look, you can get some inspiration from 2016 teen hairstyles ideas presented below.

Students-hairstyles 2016

Next year shoulder length and long hairstyles will be trendy so grow out hair and become the owner of smashing long hair. Shoulder length hairstyle can be styled in zillion ways and all you need to do is to be ready for changes.

The most popular hairstyles for long hair are ponytail, braided or twisted hair, and messy bun up-do hairstyles that will look cute and suitable for teen girls.

2016 Teen Hairstyles IdeasHairstyles-for-Students-2016

Next popular design is wavy hair completed with hair accessories like headband or feather extensions. Teens just love wearing cute and colorful accessories that spice up image with flirty twist. 

2016 Hairstyles Trends

2016 hairstyles trends represent real parade of amazing haircuts and hair colors that are made to boost up woman’s femininity and natural beauty. I will try to mention the hottest trends of new season so that you can decide which one to have.

First thing to be said about new season trend is that it is a mixture of contrastive styles; I mean, both elegant and bold designs will be trendy and you are completely free to choose desired style. There will be no limits and boundaries.


The trend of new season is short haircut. Such style is the one that will complete the image of strong and confident woman. There are infinite designs of short haircut and all of them are worth to be copied. You can find smashing styles of short haircut that will emphasize your best features so dare to ware one of 2016 short haircuts.

choppy hairstyle with a bang

Another hairstyle that will be still trendy is long layered hairstyle. This time long hairstyles are completed with layers and bang. These details can turn simple and boring design into a real style statement. If you have got long hair, you can wear either straight or wavy. Classy up-do hairstyles are still popular and I think that they will never go out of the fashion.

Medium hairstyle is gorgeous alternative for those who cannot solve beauty dilemma. Shoulder length hair is trendy, stylish and doesn’t require much effort.

Long Curly hairstyles

Let me tell you few words about 2016 male hairstyles trends that will surely be inspiring. New and modern variations of undercut style will be the main trend of new season. Such haircut can be worn in numerous ways like sleek, side swept or tousled.

Justin Bieber’s New Image

Justin Bieber is may be the most popular teen celebrity of our times and no wonder why he has become inspiration and icon for millions of his fans. He became popular not only for his talent but also for his style. His bowl cut hairstyle soon became A style of the season and almost all teen boys got that image.


Justin Bieber’s new image was really unexpected for his fans but he explained that he was thinking over new image for some time. Well, take a look at brand new Justin Bieber! Do you like his funky tousled haircut? If so, do not waste your time and ask you hairdresser to grant you with celebrity haircut.

Justin Bieber's new hairstyle

The most important thing about Justin Bieber’s new image is that his chopped off hair was sold and donated for a social organization. This transformation was useful not only for Justin. Not so bad, I guess.

Army Hairstyles Ideas for 2014

Army hairstyle stopped being the one for soldiers and officers. Short buzz cut hairstyle is the most popular style as it is masculine and of low maintenance. Actually, there are many styles of army haircuts that are trendy and popular not only among soldiers but also among celebrities. Here are some of the trendiest army hairstyles that will surely inspire you.

Army Haircuts trends 2014

First style to be mentioned is high and tight buzz cut hairstyle. Here the sides and the back are almost shaved while the crown area is cut very short. Flat-top hairstyle is very close to the previous one, the only difference is that sides are shaved and the contrast between the crown area and shaved sides is noticeable.

buzz haircut

Army hairstyles have many advantages, it is of low maintenance and always looks trendy. The only thing to keep in mind is that such buzz cut hairstyle is suitable for men with proportionate scalp and face shape. If you think that short buzz cut hair will not be suitable for you, you can find numerous styles in my blog. 

2014 Male Hairstyles

Men like women try to be trendy and attractive that’s why every year male hairstyle trends are upgraded with brand new designs that are modern and very stylish. 2014 male hairstyles trends include numerous classy and elegant designs that will be suitable for formal outfit. If you want to change your image for coming season, take a look at these examples and pick the best option for you.


The most popular hair length for men is of course short crop cut hair that is easy-to-do and doesn’t require much effort. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should have proportionate face shape and scalp. For stylish look you can leave hair a bit longer on the crown area. This trick will arm you up with numerous options. You can wear hair side parted, backcombed or tousled for funky look. All you need is texturizer or styling gel to set hair and create long lasting hairstyle.

Short Grey Hairstyles 2013

Hairstyles 2013 are so versatile with a lot of colors and cuts and sticking to your casual hairstyle is such a wrong decision. Go for brand new style to glam up your look and never wear one and the same style for a long time.

Short Grey Hairstyles 2013 Short Grey Hairstyles 2013

There are zillion hairstyles and hair colors that are trendy this season but at this time I want to represent you combination of short haircut and grey hair and show you how elegant and stylish can look this mixture. Here are some amazing styles of short grey haircuts 2013 so hurry up to take a closer look at them.

hairstyles for mature women hairstyles for women over 40

Before talking about short haircuts, let me tell you a few words about grey hair and why this color is so trendy. Women more often try to hide grey hair but hair stylists offer you to turn grey hair into an advantage. Celebrities already proved that grey hair is not faux pas. Still, keeping hair natural doesn’t mean there is no need to take care of them. In order to have glossy and healthy hair you can use little amount of icy or silver blonde hair color that will add blinding gloss to grey hair.

hairstyles 2013 include numerous styles of short haircut from pixie, to elegant bob and medium haircuts and all of them will be suitable for mature women and grey hair. The following stylish short haircuts 2013 will inspire you for beautiful makeover.

Justin Bieber Cool Hairstyles

Justin BieberJustin bieber new hair

justin bieber hairjustin bieber hair 01

2013 Male Haircuts

2013 male haircuts represent all the newest designs and if you want to have trendy look, you can get inspiration from these pictures that I have put together. Most of the styles are a bit longer with long layers so if you have decided to recreate one of these styles, you can first grow out hair.

Men HaircutsMen Haircuts 2013

2013 Male HaircutsMen Haircuts 2013

2013 hairstyles are all about versatility and texture. Leave behind simple crop cut hair and make a real style statement with your new hairstyle. The easiest way to have trendy look is to keep bang longer and experiment various stylish designs. Here are some of them for 2013.