Medium Hairstyles

Medium Hairstyles for Ladies

Women over 40 should be very careful when choosing haircut as the wrong chosen design can ruin image. There are many elegant and stylish haircuts that will be suitable for ladies and if you are looking for new design for coming makeover, you can get some inspiration from these medium hairstyles for ladies.

The reason why I have chosen medium length hairstyle is that midi haircut is the best one that is all about versatility and texture. Furthermore, medium haircut is perfect option for busy women who cannot devote much time on hair care. Well, low maintenance is next best thing about medium haircut.

Medium Hairstyles for Ladies

New season hairstyles are completed with modern details like bang and layers. These details will turn simple blunt haircut into a real style statement. Depending on hair texture and face shape you can opt for different styles of layers. It can be soft layering for thin fine hair or wispy layering to add movement to heavy hair and bulky texture.

Medium Hairstyles for women

If you keep hair a bit longer and wear shoulder length layered haircut, you can style hair pulled up. It can be neat low bun, classy chignon or any elegant up-do that will beautifully open your face and emphasize best features.

2013 Medium Hairstyles

2013 Medium Hairstyles Wavy Hair2013 Wavy Medium Hairstyles

2013Medium Hairstyles Messy Hair

2013 Stylish Medium Hairstyles Pictures

2013 Stylish Medium Hairstyles

Medium Hairstyles 2013

2013 Medium Hairstyles for men

medium hairstyles for men

Cute Short Hairstyles

There are many trendy and popular hairstyles and it can be really tricky to choose the most flattering style for you. Some would like to have gorgeous long hair, some like funky short hairstyles. If you have decided to go for a new haircut, you can first check out all hairstyles of new season and then choose the best option for you. Here is selection of cute short hairstyles ideas that will be a piece of inspiration for you. The styles from this collection are something between medium and short haircuts and will be perfect option for those who do not want to wear short crop cut hair.


Medium short hairstyle can be short bob with soft or choppy layers. Such stylish haircut can be amazing alternative for any age. Mature women can wear soft layered short bob completed with side choppy bang that will add youthful touch to image.

Next best thing about cute short haircut is low maintenance. Even if you have to style hair with blow dryer or iron, it will not take you more than ten minutes.


2013 Bob Hairstyles Ideas

True beauty bunnies have already chosen modern haircuts for new season and if you also want to become trendsetter, you should definitely look through this brief gallery of 2013 bob hairstyles that are all about glamour. I will not surprise you if I say that bob haircut is the hottest style among all new designs of coming season.

medium bob hairstyles

The reason why bob haircut is so popular is perfect combination of elegance and low maintenance. The length of hair will look equally smashing on any face shape. Furthermore, bob haircut will be suitable for all ages. Forget about long hours spent styling hair and learn how to create stunning look with minimal effort.