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New Hairstyles for Oval Face Shape

Hairstyle is may be the most important thing when it comes to physical appearance and no wonder why women pay so much attention to hairstyle. Professional hair stylists know that new haircut should be suitable for face shape and that's why they never make mistake. There are several types of face shapes like round, square, heart-shaped and oval face shape and each of them require different hairstyles. At this time I want to talk about oval face shape and new hairstyles that will be suitable for it. chat rooms

Hairstyles for oval shaped faces02

Actually, any haircut be it super short or long will be suitable for oval face shape. If you have feminine features and soft lines you can opt for any desired style. Here are some new hairstyles ideas for oval face shape that will surely inspire you. If you like to experiment with different hairstyles, you'd better keep hair long. You can wear it in zillion ways; it can be wavy or curly, poker straight, pulled up in simple ponytail or sophisticated up-do. You will have a chance to become true beauty bunny so never stuck in a rut with one and the same style.

Hairstyles for oval face shape

Face shape is not the only factor to take into account when choosing hairstyle. Teen girls can experiment with funky and modern hairstyles. Ladies over 40 can wear short pixie or layered short bob that will be perfectly suitable for oval face shape. 

2014 Layered Hairstyles Trends

I will not surprise you if I say that layering is going to be the trend of new season. This simple detail will totally change your boring haircut so if you want to breathe life to your tresses you can add few layers to your haircut. There are different hair textures and hair types so when choosing the style of layers you should first of all take into consideration hair type and texture. Here are some ideas of 2014 layered hairstyles as well as useful tricks that will help you to have picture perfect look.

Layered haircut

If you have short thin hair, you can add choppy layers that will create an illusion of voluminous and thick hair. It can be choppy layered pixie or soft layered short bob that that will look trendy and really hot. When styling such haircut use round brush and lift the roots when blow drying. Texturizing paste or hairspray will fix hair and provide you with long lasting hairstyle.

2014 Hairstyles with Layers

Learn the secrets of 2014 hairstyles trends and become trendsetter with your brand new haircut. There are zillion new hairstyles and haircuts and you are completely free to choose desired style but let me show you some amazing tricks that will help you to turn your boring style into a real style statement.

Layered hairstyles of this season

New hairstyles trends include amazing examples of layered haircuts. Once you create layered haircut, you will experiment with infinite styles. No matter you choose short layered or super long layered haircut, you will have trendy look. Here are some of the most popular layered hairstyles for 2014 to inspire you. Short haircut is more often completed with choppy or asymmetric layers. Short pixie with choppy layers will be smashing complement to any image. Such haircut will be suitable for both teen girls and mature women so dare to wear sexy short hair and be sure you will keep all eyes on you.

blonde-short layered haircut 2014

You can style layered short pixie sleek for elegant and classy look, tousled for funky and relaxed look and styled in retro waves that will be smashing complement for formal outfit. Well, as you see, short hair will not limit you in styling options.

Glam Hairstyles by Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman hair 01Natalie-Portman-hair-03

Natalie Portman wavy hairNatalie Portman medium hairstyle

New Hairstyles for Teens

Teen girls just adore wearing glamorous hairstyles and that's why they experiment with numerous styles. Of course I like experiments but sometimes teen girls forget that they are young and not every hairstyle will be suitable. Often they make great mistake wearing sophisticated hairstyle because such design can look rather grotesque. If you want to stay away from such problems, check out these new hairstyles for teen girls that include cute and age appropriate hairstyles.

Cute Girls Hairstyles New Hairstyles for Teens

As we are talking about teen hairstyles let's consider only those that are of low maintenance. It will be much funnier to spend less time on hair styling so forget about long hours spend by the mirror and go for messy hairstyles. If you have curly hair, there is no need to go for hair straightening. Make the most of your angelic curls with the help of styling mousse and spice up your hairstyle with cute hair accessory.

ponytail hairstyleLong hairstyle for girls

Teen girls love to wear gorgeous long hair but not everyone is blessed with healthy hair. If you are the owner of long hair, you can style it in zillion ways. Most up-do hairstyles will be suitable for teen girls. Styles like ponytail, messy top knot, braided hair or half up-do hairstyles will be suitable for all ages.

Modern Braided Hairstyles

Modern hairstyles trends are getting bolder with smashing haircuts and hairstyles so stay on trend with the latest designs and practice your skills to create smashing designs for your own. There are many hairstyles that are going to be on trend next season and you will have great variety of options to experiment with. As for me, braided hairstyle is the best one. It is not just hairstyle, it's a real art especially complicated designs of braided hairstyles so do not waste your time and check out these examples of modern braided styles and get ready for beautiful makeover. Chic Braided Hairstyles 2013Chic Braided Hairstyles

Modern Braided HairstylesCasual Braided Hairstyles

If you have run out of styling ideas, creative braided hairstyle will become perfect lifesaver for you. Simple styles of braids like French braid can be styled without any effort so keep in mind such style and wear it any time you have bad hair days. Modern styles of braids include messy side braid, braided ponytail or braided bang hairstyles that are easy to do and can be created with minimal effort. More complicated styles of braids like milkmaid braid, herringbone or fishtail braided hairstyle is meant to complete your formal outfit and believe me you will have jaw-dropping look with braided hairstyle. Still, those designs are a bit complicated and you should know how to plait hair. There are numerous video tutorials that will show you how to braid hair. 

Elegant Long Hairstyles with Layers

Long hair can make woman look elegant and sexy and this is the reason why millions of girls wear super long hair. If you also want to become the owner of gorgeous long hair, you should be patient and ready to spend much time on hair care. Right hair care routine as well as homemade recipes will help you to keep hair in perfect condition. Regular trimming will give hair fresh and healthy look so if you have decided to wear long hair, you should remember some useful ideas and be sure you will have stunning look. But wait, having long hair is only the part of the job, you should also add some modern details to make your hairstyle even more attractive. Here are some ideas of elegant long hairstyles with layers that will show you some creative styles to glam up your look.

layered hairLong Layered  Hairstyles

Blunt cut long hair will look attractive if only you have thick and healthy hair. Still, not everyone is blessed with thick hair and blunt haircut will make hair look dull and lifeless. In case you have damaged hair, you can easily give new breath to your tresses with layering. There are so many options to change your hair and all you need to do is to get some inspiration from these pictures. Turn layering into a secret weapon and play up your femininity with different designs. Style long layered hair sleek for elegant look or style it wavy to play up your femininity.

coute long layered hairstylesblonde layered hairstyles

If you think that soft layering will not be suitable for you, you can go for bolder designs like choppy or asymmetric layers. Such design will become smashing option for the lovers of alternative hairstyle and similar design can be styled in zillion ways. Place asymmetry on the upper layers or complete your long layered haircut with asymmetric bang. Actually, there are zillion options and it is simply impossible to mention all designs.

Runway Inspired Curly Hairstyles

There are zillion hairstyles that can make you look elegant and attractive. There are also many styles that should be simply avoided so let me teach you simple tricks how to find perfect style for you. Nowadays you will never feel lack of inspiration. Red carpet events, runway shows and many other events can inspire you so do not waste your time and look through the pictures of celebrity hairstyles. I am sure you will find some useful ideas. Curly Hairstyles TrendsCurly Hairstyles I have many beloved hairstyles and curly hairstyle is one of them. I have not once mentioned that curly hairstyle is the best style to have attractive and feminine look and at this time too I want to show some new ideas of curly styles from runway shows. This selection of runway inspired curly hairstyles will surely prove you that there isn't better hairstyle than curly hair. You can prove this statement by looking through pictures of beauty bunnies from runway shows who wear the latest designs of curly hairstyles.

2013 curly hairstylescurly hairstyles for 2013

Runway inspired curly hairstyles include both long and short designs and this is great because you can create sexy curls on any hair length. Make sure you find perfect style of curls that will make the most of your beautiful features. This is very important especially for those who have round face shape. Tight and fluffy curls will not be suitable for round face while face framing loose soft curls will make wide cheeks look slimmer and more feminine.