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2013 Modern Slicked Hairstyles

New season hairstyles tendencies include various hairstyles and haircuts for any taste and preference. There are also many bold and dramatic styles that are not suitable for everyone. At this time I won't talk about edgy hairstyles. Let's check out these 2013 modern slicked hairstyles that have become the main trend of latest runway shows.

Gorgeous Slicked Hairstyles Ideaslady hairstyles

Slicked hairstyles were the main trend of this summer and next season too slicked hairstyles will be trendy. The advantages of such haircut makes it so popular. It is easy-to-do, elegant and suitable for any occasion. You will be able to create neat and slicked hairstyle in less than five minutes. All you have to do is to learn few styling tricks from these slicked hairstyles and practice different designs for your own.

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Midi Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

The dream of every woman is strong and thick hair. Alas, not everyone is blessed with healthy hair. Hair thinning is the problem that can occur to anyone . If you have thin hair, you need to know some secrets that will oomph up the volume of locks and make hair look thicker. There are many haircuts that will be suitable for thin hair, but check out these midi hairstyles for thin hair that look so hot and stylish. Medium haircut is the most popular design of coming season. There are infinite styles of midi haircut but let me introduce those amazing designs that will totally change your image.

bob hairstyle for square facewavy-bob-hairstyle

Medium Hairstyles Ideas for Fine HairMedium Hairstyles Ideas for thin Hair

The style that you should stay away from is blunt cut hairstyle as it will weight down hair and make it look even thinner. Layering is the best trick to create voluminous hairstyle  so all these medium designs are completed with layers. Tapered layering is more suitable for thin hair so keep hair shoulder length and place tapered layers on the crown area. It can be layered bob or shoulder length haircut with soft layers. After you have got one of these medium hairstyles, you should learn how to style hair so that it will not look plain and dull.

Layered Medium HairstyleElegant Bob Hairstyle 2013

Bob Hairstyle 2013celebrity bob hairstyles 2013

Before talking about styling tricks for medium haircut, I want to say that it will be better if you learn how to take care of thin hair. You have use natural recipes and other products to make hair thicker. Volumizing shampoo and conditioner is must have for thin hair so always use volumizing products before the styling process. Next, when styling hair, try to lift the roots with round brush when blow drying. Hairspray will help you to fix the style and make it long lasting.

Funky Mohawk Hairstyles

mohawk hairstyle for black womanmohawk haircuts

mohawk hairstyle 2013Punk Girl Red Mohawk Hairstyle

2013 Short Hairstyles Trends

Are you the lover of alternative and bold hairstyles? If so, you will surely love the below shown short hairstyles ideas. 2013 hairstyles trends proved that short haircut is still the most popular one as it reflects woman's lifestyle of our times. There are many reasons why short haircut has become so popular and I will try to mention some of them so that you will like to become the owner of smashing short haircut.

Short Hairstyles Ideassuper short hairstyles

super short hairstyles 2013short curly hairstyles 2013 short hairstyles trends include super short crop cut styles that are really bold and dramatic. Do not even think that such haircut will look masculine. Many celebrity beauty icons proved that such haircut is perfect for strong and confident women. Still, if you think that such design is too edgy for you, you can copy one of these short pixie hairstyles with longer layers.

2013 Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail hairstyle is no longer casual style and lifesaver from bad hair days. Ponytail hairstyle has already become the most beloved style of celebs and this is why ponytail hairstyle is so often seen on the red carpet. If you also want to have red carpet worth look, take a look at these pictures of 2013 ponytail hairstyles and recreate the hottest design.

Penelope-Cruz-Elegant-Ponytail-Hairstylesponytail hair

There is nothing complicated about styling simple ponytail. Just pull back hair and fix with rubber band. Depending on your hair texture you can wear neat and tight ponytail or more relaxed and messy hairstyle. You can also combine simple ponytail with cute hair accessory like headband that will spice up your look.

Ponytail Hairstyles 2013Elegant Ponytail Hairstyles

Latest runway shows represented various styles of ponytail from hair gurus and every single style is worth to be copied. You can also become one of beauty bunnies if you learn some styling skills. Do not be afraid of experimenting with different hairstyles, change your image on any occasion and you will surely make style statement with your hairstyle.

How to Create Voluminous Hairstyle

Every girl dreams of having thick and strong hair. Unfortunately, because of many external factors not everyone is blessed with healthy hair. Thanks to modern hair styling techniques you will be able to add volume to your thin hair. So how can you create voluminous hairstyle without having any special styling skills? Here are some useful tricks that will help you to create picture perfect look for your own.

Voluminous Hairstyles Ideas 2012Voluminous Hairstyles Ideas

Curly Hairstyles Ideas

Voluminous Hairstyles Ideas 2011

Layering is the first trick to create an illusion of voluminous hairstyle. As we are talking about thin hair, soft graduated layers will be more suitable. Layers should be placed on the crown area. Hair styling is also very important. In order to boost the volume first wash hair with volumizing shampoo. Then apply volumizing mousse on damp hair and style with round brush lifting the roots. You can also blow dry hair upside down for better effect.

Hairstyles Ideas 2012Hairstyles Ideas

Easy-to-do Long hairstyles

The owners of long hair probably know that long tresses need much effort to take care and style. This can become a real problem for women who have the lack of time. If you also cannot manage to to create polished and neat look, here are some easy-to-do long hairstyles that will arm you up with creative ideas.

Casual hairstyles for long hair

New season trends offer more relaxed and casual hairstyles. This is actually great because nothing can make woman more feminine and elegant than simple hairstyle. Furthermore, messy effect of hair will no longer be faux pas. Before talking about styling ideas, you can give brand new look to blunt haircut by adding few layers. Tapered layers will boost up the volume of hair while choppy and asymmetric design will break the monotony of casual and boring image.


Another popular detail that will change your look is bang hairstyle. This is the best option for those who want some changes but do not want to say good bye to an inch of long hair. It can be blunt bang, layered side bang or funky asymmetric bang for bolder image.