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Summer Hair Color Trends 2013

Don’t you think it is high time to upgrade your look for coming summer? If you still don’t know which is the easiest way to breathe life to your tresses and transform your image, check out this collection of summer hair color trends 2013 and find out what is going to be on trend this summer.

summer hair colors 2013 summer hair colors

2013 summer hair colors 2013 summer bold hair colors

Hair stylists and gurus encourage you to break the monotony and go for multi tonal hair color trends 2013 especially for summer when everything is bright. Do not stick to boring and dull hair color, instead, brighten up your look with the hottest color combination. Thanks to zillion styles of highlights as well as different hair coloring techniques you will be able to fulfil any style and all you need to do is to be ready for changes.

Crazy Hair Colors 2013

Get ready to plunge into a totally new realm of colors and styles with these crazy hair colors ideas 2013 that will take you to the new world of fashion and style. You don’t even imagine what pro colorists can do with simple hair color so hurry up to find out some new ideas for your beautiful makeover.Crazy Hair Colors 2013 cool ways to dye hair

hair colors 2013 cool hair colors

Hair color stopped being boring and monotone. New season trends brought into the limelight numerous color combinations and ideas to inject drama and creativity in hairstyle and sticking to monotony is the last thing you should do. The following collection of crazy hair colors 2013 will show you some smashing hair colors and ideas how to break the monotony.

Multi Tonal Hair Colors

There are so many ways to update look like new haircut or new hair color but these steps are too radical. For instance, I am mot ready to change hair color because I am not sure which hue will look better. Most women think like me and try to stay away from block coloring. In this case hair highlighting will be amazing option. You may ask why, so here are some multi tonal hair colors ideas that will show you how beautiful can look hair highlighting.

funky highlightsfunky two tones

New season hair highlight styles are bolder and nontraditional with vibrant colors. The combination of contrastive colors can look really daring and this is perfect option for those who want to create dramatic look. Thanks to new coloring techniques hair stylists have created zillion examples of bold and nontraditional hairstyles so all you need to do is to look through gallery of new hair highlights and find inspiration for you.

Bold Funky Hair HighlightsFunky Hair Highlights

Fantastic Hair Highlights Ideas

Inject bright and joyful colors to your image with brand new hair color and become the owner of the trendiest hairstyle. These fantastic hair highlights ideas are here to inspire you and help you to break the monotony.

Hairstyle and hair color is a unique expression of personality that’s why it is very important to think twice before going for changes. You should be a 100% sure that you will feel comfortable and confident with the chosen hairstyle. Professional hair stylist will surely help you to make right decision but you can also find zillion sources of inspiration and one of them is this collection of fantastic hair highlights.

Hair Highlights Ideas Hair Highlights Ideas 2013

Hair highlighting has become the main coloring trend of past years that’s why I love multi tonal hair color so much. It looks rich, stylish and trendy. Furthermore, multi tonal hair coloring is a perfect option to create an illusion of voluminous hairstyle. Subtle color spread all over hair will help you to add definition to your thin fine hair. Isn’t it great to have desired hairstyle with minimal effort?

Fantastic Hair Highlights Ideas2013 Hair Highlights Ideas

The style of highlighting is very important because it can totally change your image. Recently paneling and dip dyeing styles are very popular because they look simply breathtaking. Tinted strands placed on the front section will attract attention and keep all eyes on you. More subtle styles of highlights like chunky highlighting or thin highlights are suitable for more natural and elegant styles so first of all determine the image you want to create and then then transform your casual hairstyle into totally new design.

Futuristic Hair Colors

New season hairstyles trends offer you to go bolder and turn your boring hairstyle into a real masterpiece. There are zillion ways to create modern and nontraditional hairstyle but, as for me, vibrant hair color is the best option to have desired look. If you are the lover of alternative image, you will surely enjoy experimenting with wide palette of intense and bright colors so take a look at these examples of futuristic hair colors and get ready for total makeover.

silver hair colorred hair color

Hair color with shadesHair color

Thanks to modern hair coloring techniques you will have a chance to fulfil the boldest idea. You can go for block colored red, Atomic pink, purple, blue, green, orange or yellow hair and break all the patterns and norms so turn to the help of pro colorist and ask her to grant you with nonconformist hairstyle.

multy tone hair colorhair color shades

Dazzling Hair Highlights Ideas

Tired of blending in the crowd with casual hairstyle? If so, take a look at these dazzling hair highlights ideas that can turn even the most boring haircut into a trend. I guess, there will be hardly anyone who will miss a chance to have breathtaking look. Dazzling Hair Highlights IdeasBold Hair Color Ideas Cute Hair HighlightsBold Hair Highlights 2013 Monotony is no longer trendy so leave behind block colored simple hairstyle and go for unimaginable color combo. Explore infinite hair highlights ideas that are trendy this season and become the owner of amazing hairstyle. Be sure color changes will soon bring to changes in life. The reason why hair highlighting is so popular is numerous advantages. It is trendy, stylish and very sexy. Besides, hair highlighting is the easiest way to upgrade your look and at the same time stay away from drastic changes. You can choose subtle color close to natural hair and revitalize your locks with new look.

Bold Hair HighlightsHair highlights  2013

Hair highlights2013 Hair highlights

New season hairstyles trends represent fabulous designs of dramatic hair highlighting that are meant to complete bold asymmetric haircut. The lovers of alternative hairstyles will adore wearing multi tonal hair color. Such design can include two and more shades that are in contrast. Rainbow hair highlighting is very popular style among punk and emo girls. The combination of nontraditional colors like purple, pink, red, orange, blue, yellow, ebony black and green will add futuristic touch to your image. Dare to wear one of these dazzling hair highlights presented in this post and become one of these on-go girls. 

2013 Newest Hair Colors

Nothing can make you look more sexy and attractive than brand new hair color. I don’t think that you will miss your chance to become a real fashionista so let me introduce you the newest hair color ideas for 2013 that are so gorgeous.

Fabulous Hair Color IdeasFabulous Hair Color Ideas blonde shades

Great versatility of hair colors is simply fantastic. When you decide to go for a color change, hairdresser will introduce you numerous shades both subtle and vibrant and choosing proper one is the most important step you should do. Wrong chosen haircut as well as hair color can ruin your image so be twice as attentive when choosing new image for you.

2013 hair color trends are more about bold and nontraditional shades but if you have decided to create elegant look, you can start with hair highlighting. This is the greatest technique of past years and you will never regret of having multi tonal hair color. Numerous designs of hair highlighting is so amazing; no matter you choose chunky highlighting, paneling, dip dyeing or simply add few thin highlights, you will look fabulous.

Hair Color Ideas2013 Newest Hair Colors

Block coloring will be more suitable for natural shades like brunette, light brown, natural tones of red and blonde. All these shades will be trendy next season so upgrade your look with one of these subtle tones. 

Party Hair Highlights Ideas

Still not ready for party season? If not, check out these examples of party season hair highlights that represent real parade of fantastic designs. These hairstyles are meant to emphasize your bold and strong individuality. Long gone are the days of simple and boring hairstyles, this is the era of great changes so do not miss your chance to stand out from the rest of the crowd with your ultra-hot look.

Red Medium HairstylesRed Hair Color

Party Hair Highlights IdeasCute Hair Highlights Ideas 2013

Meet New Year with brand new haircut and hair color that will totally change your image. Be sure that changes in image will bring to changes in life. I guess this is great to have jaw dropping look with minimal effort so let’s start from hair color. Block coloring is great but as we are talking about modern hairstyle, take a look at hair highlights ideas that will spice up your hair with futuristic twist.