Hair Colors 2016

Highlights Ideas for Brown Hair

Brown hair color is the most popular shade as it looks natural and elegant, Furthermore, brown hair is suitable for all skin tones and complexions and this is the main reason why it is so frequently chosen.

There are many shades and undertones of brown and each one looks fabulous, but if you think that one tone hair color looks boring and casual, you can easily break the monotony with smashing hair highlights. You can draw some inspiration from these highlights ideas for brown hair that include both elegant and bold images.

brunette hairstyles funkly highlightsbrunet hair color

Brown hair color can be combined with any shade be it light blonde, red or black. Your choice will depend only on the image you want to create. So if you want to breathe life to your tresses and still want to stay away from dramatic changes, you can choose lighter shades like honey or dirty blonde. If you have light brown hair color, you can complete it with thin strands of brunette highlights that are spread all over hair.

Celebrity Ombre Hairstyles ideas

Ombre hair color has already become favorite design in Celebville as it looks stylish and really hot. Ombre hairstyle is a mixture or naturalness and sexuality and this is why it is so beloved by women and girls. If you have always dreamt of having show-stopping look, let’s check this fabulous hair color and ways to have similar look. At this time too, we shall turn to celebrities for inspiration.

hair color ombreOmbre hair color

Ombre hair color looks like lowlights hairstyle with dark roots and lighter edges. The only difference is that dark roots are combined with honey blonde or light brown color. You may first think that it’s just grown out roots that look simple and there is nothing special about them. But let me first show you some celebrity ombre hairstyles ideas that are really worth to be copied.

Barrymore OmbreDrew Barrymore Ombre

Ombre hair color can be created on any haircut but it looks simply irresistible on long hair. If you are the owner of gorgeous long tresses, you should definitely wear ombre hair color. If you have some skills, you can easily color hair for your own.

Lowlights Hairstyles

Hair color is next important factor of having attractive look and you should pay as much attention to color as to haircut. Nowadays there are zillion hair coloring products as well as coloring techniques to create any unimaginable look so all you need to do is to make up your mind to get a new hair color.

From the great variety of hair colors and color combinations I want to mention lowlights style that has become very popular recently. Many celebs have chosen lowlights hairstyles because such design looks really sexy. You may first think lowlights hairstyle is blonde hair with grown out roots. Actually, it is almost true.

Dark Roots Hair Styles01Lowlights

Lowlights hairstyle can be created on any hair length and hair color, but the classy one is blonde color with darker roots. If you want to copy one of these lowlights hairstyles, you can easily do it either with the help of pro colorist or for your own.

There are two ways to create lowlights hairstyle. Everything depends on the base tone. If you have light hair color like blonde or honey brown, you should choose shade that is two tones darker and color only the crown area. Ladies with darker hair should bleach the edges and then color hair in lighter shade.

Lowlights Hairstylesnew Lowlights

If you have decided to color hair for your own, you should do it with great care. The transition from lighter to darker should be barely seen so make sure you do not keep the product too long, otherwise the colors will be too bright.

2013 Emo Hair Colors

If you have already chosen emo haircut, it is high time to complete your bold image with vibrant hair color. Emo style has become very popular among teen boys and girls who want to express their attitude toward world and reality. If you do not want to blend in the crowd with simple haircut and natural hair color, you should definitely go for emo style.

When it comes to emo hair colors, we should consider only vibrant and nontraditional shades that will be in deep contrast with the base tone.

Emo hair color 2013Emo hair colors

2013 emo hair color trends include fantastic designs that look really edgy. If you are ready to break all the patterns and norms with your brand new hair color, take a look at these examples of emo hair colors and vamp up your look with the hottest image.

Emo hair color ideasDark emo hair color

The latest hair color trends offer you to go for multi tonal hair color. This is more suitable for emo hairstyles that are completed with asymmetric layers and sharp lines. Tinted layers will make your emo haircut even more show-stopping. 

Modern Hair Color Ideas

Stay in touch with the latest hairstyles trends with this blog and you will surely become one of trendsetters of new season. Your casual and dull image will not make any impression so if you really want to stand out in a crowd you should go for dramatic changes. First thing you should do is to choose trendy and stylish haircut that will emphasize your beautiful facial features as well as your individuality. After you have chosen proper haircut for it is high time to choose new hair color for you.

2013 hair color trends represent smashing parade of vivid and bright hair colors for any taste. I have put together some of the most popular and modern hair color ideas that will inspire you for your beautiful makeover.

Bold Hair Color Ideasbold_color

Gorgeous Bold Hair Color Ideas Dark Hair Color Ideas

Wide palette of hair colors include numerous shades and undertones and it can be a real challenge to find perfect match for you. You can surely turn to pro hair colorist who will find the most flattering shade for you but this will cost a lot of money. On the other hand, you can get some useful ideas from my blog and color hair for your own.

As we are talking about modern hair colors, stylists offer to go bold and wear vibrant and non-traditional shades like orange, blue, yellow, green, pink and many other shades that will turn your hairstyle into a real style statement.

Reddish Brown Hair Color

reddish brown hair color

Reddish brown hair color

Auburn Hair ColorReddish brown hair colour

Redish Brown hair color asian girl

Cute Hair Highlights

Still thinking which is the best way to update your look? If so, take a sneak peek at these pictures of cute hair highlights and learn how you can turn boring style into a dazzling style statement.

Thanks to modern hair coloring techniques as well as wide palette of vibrant colors you will be able to adopt any unimaginable design. All you need to do is to be open minded and ready for changes. I hope that my post will help you for coming makeover.

Bold Hair Highlight

2013 hair color trends give you a chance to be free in your choice. I mean, you can have any desired hair color, it can be vibrant and dramatic red combined with ebony black or natural tone spiced up with fruity orange, pink, electric blue and many other intense colors that will break the monotony of your hairstyle.

Hair highlights

Hair color is of course important when it comes to highlights. The style of highlighting is also very important. If you have chosen vibrant hue, you should choose bolder design that will be in perfect harmony with bold colors. It can be paneling, dip dyeing, chunky or horizontal highlighting.

There are also many styles of natural highlights that are meant to add elegant and glamorous twist to your image. Choose the color that will be two tones lighter or darker than your natural hair and place few strands to more natural look.

2013 Cool Hair Colors

2013 will place the accent on bold and nonconformist hairstyles that have futuristic twist. Some of them are really bold and not suitable for everyone. If you want to have trendy look, you can stay away from edgy haircuts and vamp up your look with intense hair color. 2013 cool hair colors will brighten up your look in a flash so do not waste your time blending in the crown and become a real trendsetter.


There is wide variety of vibrant hair colors and all  of them are simply fantastic. You can even get confused choseing suitable color for you. In order to ease your job I have put together some of the hottest hair colors of new season to show you how casual hairstyle will look with cool hair color.