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How to Create Voluminous Hairstyle

Every girl dreams of having thick and strong hair. Unfortunately, because of many external factors not everyone is blessed with healthy hair. Thanks to modern hair styling techniques you will be able to add volume to your thin hair. So how can you create voluminous hairstyle without having any special styling skills? Here are some useful tricks that will help you to create picture perfect look for your own.

Voluminous Hairstyles Ideas 2012Voluminous Hairstyles Ideas

Curly Hairstyles Ideas

Voluminous Hairstyles Ideas 2011

Layering is the first trick to create an illusion of voluminous hairstyle. As we are talking about thin hair, soft graduated layers will be more suitable. Layers should be placed on the crown area. Hair styling is also very important. In order to boost the volume first wash hair with volumizing shampoo. Then apply volumizing mousse on damp hair and style with round brush lifting the roots. You can also blow dry hair upside down for better effect.

Hairstyles Ideas 2012Hairstyles Ideas

Amazing Hair Accessories

Hair accessory was amazing complement to hairstyle from ancient times and women always wore hair accessories. Probably you also have collection of cute hair accessories and use them on different occasions. The usage of hair accessory has many purposes and this post I decided to devote to amazing hair accessories and ideas that will show you how you can combine elegant hairstyle and hair accessory. Amazing Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

Luxurious Hair AccessoriesCelebrity Hair Accessories

Nowadays there are zillion hair accessories both cheap and expensive with semi-precious stones. If you are looking for accessory that will complete your evening gown and formal hairstyle, you should definitely have luxurious accessory with shiny stones that will be in harmony with your image. If you are in need of some inspiration, you can check put latest red carpet events where many celebs wore chic up-do hairstyles with accessories.

Flower Hair AccessoriesFlower Accessories

Next popular hair accessory is headband that is beloved by women and girls of all ages. Again, you will find myriad of designs and your choice will depend on your taste and outfit. It can be simple leather headband or colorful one that will add flirty allure to your image.

Summer Hair Care Ideas

Though summer passed, I decided to talk about summer hair care tips that will surely be useful. Every weather needs special hair care routine in order to keep hair in perfect condition. For instance, cold weather can easily make hair dry and frizzy. Summer and hot weather can also cause hair damage due to UV rays. Actually, UV rays are the main reason of split ends as well as hair loss. So it will be wiser to learn summer hair care ideas now in order to be ready for hot weather.


No matter what hair length you have you should always protect tresses from sun rays. Keep on hand hair care products with UV filters. It can be shine serum or special protective serum with filters. Next, try to stay away from hair styling with blow dryer or styling iron. High temperature can make hair defenseless and in the end it can cause hair loss. You will look more feminine with natural hair especially if it is wavy or curly.

How to Style Curls

Styling curls is no longer a tricky job due to high class styling tools and products but there are still girls and women who are rookie in the art of styling. This post will show the easiest ways to create any kind of curls even if you have poker straight hair.


If you want to create tight and girlish curls you will need narrow barrel curling iron or small rollers. Before styling hair apply volumizing mousse on damp locks. This trick will help you to create more defined and long lasting curls. When hair is slightly damp, begin styling curls either with curling iron or with rollers. Try to keep the iron a bit longer and curls will be well shaped. After you have styled curls, leave hair cool down and spritz hairspray. At last, run fingers through hair to add movement to your beautiful curls and make hairstyle look more natural.

Prom Hairstyles Ideas

Prom is the first important event in teenage girl's life and this is why girls so much worried about their image. They begin preparations months before the party looking for evening gown, accessories and of course hairstyle. There are zillion formal hairstyles suitable for special occasions but not all of them are suitable for teen girls.

prom hairstyles

If you are looking for prom hairstyle for the big day, you can look through the gallery of formal hairstyles and find cute design for one. Most of the represented styles are complicated and can be styled only with the help of pro hairdresser. Such haircut can cost you a lot of money and if you are not ready to spend money, you can learn few simple tricks to create prom hairstyle for your own.

2013 Winter Hair Colors

If you want to upgrade your look for party season, look through palette of 2013 winter hair colors and pick the one for beautiful makeover. You will have a chance to warm up your look with subtle and natural shades or you can go bolder with intense tones. New season hair color trends include amazing styles of lowlights that look brilliant. You may first think that lowlights hair color is blonde with grown out dark roots. Actually, once it was true but nowadays lowlights hairstyle is may the most popular and frequently chosen style of highlights.

Stylish Lowlights

lowlights hairstyle

Lowlights can be created on any hair color. There is no need to go blonde in order to create lowlights. If you have dark hair, choose shade that is two tones lighter and color only the edges. Try to make the transition from dark to light barely seen. If you have decided to color hair for your own, you'd better use high class hair coloring products that will not damage hair.

hair coloring

Most women go for hair perm to hide grey hair. If you also want to hide grey hair, you should find the product that is suitable for grey hair. Usually, such products include ammonia that is harmful for tresses so be very careful when using it. At last, once you have colored hair, you should always take care of it by using color protective formulas and hair glosses to keep hair in perfect condition.

Long Bob Hairstyles Ideas

Classy bob hairstyle still continues to be the most popular design for women of all ages. The versatility of bob haircut is simply fantastic. Numerous designs of bob include beautiful and bold styles and no matter which one you choose you will have show-stopping look. Bob hairstyles also include examples of short and long bob that are also very popular. Short bob is perfect in-between solution for those who do not want to wear short haircut while long bob will become lifesaver for ladies who can no longer take care of long hair.

Katie Holmes bob haircut

Long bob haircut has become very popular among celebs and if you want to get some inspiration, you can turn to celebrity long bob hairstyles. All of them are very elegant and will be suitable for any face shape.

long bob hairstyle

Shoulder length blunt bob is classy, elegant and trendy. Furthermore such haircut will be gorgeous alternative for round face shape. Long blunt bob can be combined with blunt or side swept bang that will make your glimpse more attractive.