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Medium Hair with Bang Hairstyles

You may think that I have turned medium hairstyle into the topic of the whole blog, I can answer that you are right, somehow. I am the owner of stylish bob haircut and that's why I so adore similar haircuts. There are many reasons why I have chosen medium haircut and in this post I will try to show you some of the advantages of medium length hair and I am sure, by the end of this post you would like to have similar hairstyle. First of all I want to say that medium hairstyle with layers is textured. This is very essential especially for those with thin fine locks. Long hair needs much effort and time to style and busy women simply can't manage to have flawless look. Next, medium haircut is suitable for virtually all face shapes and hair textures.

medium hair with cute bangsmidi hairstyles with bangs 2013

Medium hairstyle will look even more eye catching when combined with stylish bang. Bangs hairstyles are of great popularity nowadays. You can choose cute side bang, sexy blunt cut or funky asymmetric. Actually, there are numerous bang hairstyles as well as medium haircuts so we still have much stuff to do.

midi hairstyles with bangsmedium hair blunt bangs

Besides of being stylish, bang hairstyle has fabulous options; it can hide imperfections like small or large forehead, wide cheeks or square chin. Bang is meant to frame your face and highlight best features. As you understand, you should first analyze facial features and then find the most flattering design for you. 

Summer Hairstyles Idesas 2013

On those cold winter days everyone dreams of a single sun shine that's why I decided to talk about 2013 summer trends, particularly, hairstyles trends. Coming summer is going to be really hot with infinite glamorous hairstyles and the best way to stay on trend is to look through this collection of Summer Hairstyles Idesas 2013 that include all the newest styles so do not waste your time and learn several tricks to have jaw dropping look. New season hairstyles are more relaxed and natural so forget about complicated up-dos and learn some simple styling options. Below shown styles do not need special styling skills and you will be able to copy any desired style.

side braid hairstyle 2013simple hairstyles 2013

long hair summer 20132013 summer hair trends

Wavy hairstyle still continues to be the hottest one as it looks so feminine and attractive. Such style will be an amazing complement to any outfit. You can wear it on a prom, formal party and even wedding and be sure you will keep all eyes on you. Wavy hairstyle is also suitable for winter so you can practice your skills from now on and become a real professional.

2013 summer hairstyleshairstyles treds 2013

Next popular hairstyle that is going to be hot is braided hairstyle. There are so many gorgeous styles of braids like simple French braid, fishtail braid, more complicated milkmaid or herringbone braid. If you are rookie in the art of plaiting, you can wear messy side braid or braided bang hairstyle or more sophisticated up with braided strands.

Modern Medium Hairstyles

If you still cannot solve your beauty dilemma, I am ready to help you and introduce you some creative hairstyles for your consideration. Nowadays fashion and hairstyle industry is so versatile that anyone can find suitable haircut and you too will be able to find flattering style for you. You just need to learn right steps on how to match hairstyle with your face shape. asymmetrical layered hairstyleBob Layered Hairstyles Blonde Layered HairstylesLayered Hairstyles with Bangs New season trends offer you to go for dramatic hairstyles with sharp edges and asymmetric layers. Such haircut is the best way to highlight your strong individuality and stand out in the crowd. I think no one would like to blend in the crowd with casual and dull look and you too should always stay on trend. Long hairstyle of course looks trendy but sometimes it can limit you in options while shoulder length hairstyle will be a perfect challenge for your styling skills. These examples of modern medium hairstyles are perfect reflection of new season trends; they are versatile, bold, textured and very hot. Layering is an important detail because it can turn boring and lifeless hairstyle into stunning voluminous hairstyle.

Blonde layers for medium hair2013 Layered Hairstyles

Layered HairstylesCute Layered Hairstyles

The greatest advantage of medium layered hairstyle is versatility of styling options. It can be transformed in numerous ways. Wear it straight, wavy, curly, tousled, in retro waves or pulled up in cute chignon. The usage of high class styling products and tools is very important especially if you want to have healthy hair. If you are used to style hair with flat iron, make sure you protect hair from heat damage with special hair serum. 

Natural Hair Color Ideas

Color change can be a perfect option to have brand new look and that's why women so often go for a perm. Due to zillion hair coloring brands you will have no problem choosing flattering shade for you. Still, there are many hair coloring products that are very harmful. Actually, all hair coloring products are harmful because they include harsh chemicals. Often women do not think about the damage that can make hair coloring product but if you really take care of your tresses, learn some useful tips on how to have new hair color without damaging hair.

Natural Hair Color TipsHair-Color-TipsChemicals that are included in hair coloring products can damage healthy locks and totally ruin dry hair so do not even try to experiment with hair, otherwise you will face serious hair disaster like hair loss. Still, there are numerous ways to color hair by using natural products.

With the help of natural ingredients you can have desired hair color so learn some natural recipes and use only natural products to have healthy hair. Blonde hair color can be created not only with hair perm but also with the help of lemon juice and chamomile tea. Mix a cup of lemon juice with three cups of chamomile tea and spread the lotion all over hair. Then leave the sun bleach hair naturally. Single process may not give perfect result so you should repeat it unless you have desired shade of blonde. The only thing to remember is that this recipe will work only with natural hair. In case you have colored hair, this trick will not work and you will have to go for hair perm.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles

Beach wavy hairstyle is one of designs that are meant to boost sexuality and femininity of a woman. Like boho or retro hairstyle, beach wavy hair will become your secret weapon to keep all eyes on you. It is high time to leave behind casual and boring hairstyles and learn some ideas how to look sexy. Beach wavy hairstyle is the best option for any occasion; it can be prom, wedding or party. All you need to do is to keep in mind some styling ideas and use them any time you want to have show-stopping look.

Beach WavesBeach Waves 2013

The main detail of beach hairstyle is loose soft waves with a bit tousled effect. Such style can be created on any hair texture and you will spend less than 20 minutes styling hair. You will need volumizing mousse, hot rollers or large barrel curling iron and shine serum as a finishing touch to your glamorous beach wavy hairstyle. So let's start from he beginning.

Celebrity Hairstyles for Round Faces

Turn your hairstyle into style statement with few useful ideas inspired from celebs. It is not a surprise that celebrities wear the hottest hairstyles and inspire millions of women. The secret of their flawless look is a group of professional stylists that are always ready to fulfil any caprice of beauty bunnies. Professional hair stylist know how to choose proper haircut and if you really want to have flawless look, you just need to find hairdresser and ask him to grant you with stylish haircut. You can also get some inspiration from celebrity hairstyles and find the best option to glam up your look.

Celebrities wearing Face Slimming Hairstyles 01Celebrities Face Slimming Hairstyles

First condition of having flawless look is haircut suitable for face shape. Things will be easier if you first analyze your face shape and then try to find the best option for you. If you have oval or heart-shaped face you can opt for any hairstyle. In case you have round or square face you should be careful. I want to talk about hairstyles for round face shape and as a perfect source of inspiration I have put together pictures of celebrity hairstyles for round face.

medium-layered-hair-style-selena-gomezmedium layered hair style

There are zillion styles suitable for round face shape and there are some that should be avoided like super short crop cut hair. Your hairstyle should hide wide cheeks so try to choose hair length that will make face look slimmer. The length of layers on the front section should be chin length or below the chin. First style to be mentioned is celebrity medium hairstyle that will be perfectly suitable for round face shape. Actually, midi hairstyles are the most popular designs for any face shape. Soft layers on the front section  will have face framing effect. You can also wear beautiful side bang with similar haircut.

Celebrity Formal Hairstyles

Special occasion requires you to wear elegant and polished hairstyle. There is no need to go for complicated design to have polished look. There are many beautiful and less sophisticated formal hairstyles that can be created with minimal effort. You will not find better inspiration than celebrity formal hairstyles. You can just check the latest red carpet event where celebs wear smashing formal hairstyles. I think that you will like the idea of celeb worth look on the coming party so do not waste your time and money in hair salons, just take a look at these pictures of celebrity formal hairstyles presented below. Hairstyles trends of last years proved that sophisticated doesn't mean elegant and attractive. Natural and simple hairstyle can make you look very feminine and attractive. The only thing to remember is to find the style that will bring out your natural beauty and sexuality. The easiest way to create formal hairstyle is to go for wavy or curly hair. Wavy chignon, wavy ponytail or any creative wavy up-do will turn you into a real princess. You can also leave few strands to frame your face and make your glimpse more attractive. Elegant  hairstyles

curly updo healthy

Another popular celebrity hairstyle is ballerina bun. It can be simple neat bun or tight bun with braided or twisted strands. Beehive bun up-do is also very popular among celebs but it is a bit complicated and if you are not skilled you'd better go for simple bun. New style of bun is cute side bun up-do or side chignon completed with hair clip.

bunsprom hairstyle

2013 Short Blonde Haircuts

The perfect combination of haircut and hair color can help you to have winning look and it will be stupid not to take into consideration this fact and wear boring hairstyle. There are zillion trendy haircuts as well as wide palette of colors and it can be really tricky to find the best combination. Surely you can get inspiration from celebs and beauty icons but you can easily make a mistake so let's first analyze your features and personality. If you are strong and bold personality, it mean's you will like the idea of wearing sexy short haircut. In case you think that going short will be too radical, you can go for short bob or chin length medium haircut. The reason why I have chosen short haircut is that such designs will be dominating next year and you will never regret of going short. Jennie Garth Short Blonde Hairstyle


There are zillion examples of short haircuts both elegant and edgy and your choice will depend on the image you want to create. It can be short pixie with choppy layers or layered short bob. After choosing trendy haircut, it is high time to choose new hair color that will complete your image. In fact, there are many dazzling colors that will be in perfect harmony with short hair but there is one that will totally transform your look. I am talking about blonde color that will be trendy next season.

Short Blonde HaircutsShort Blonde Haircut ideas

2013 short blonde haircuts look so sexy and hot that anyone can hardly resist your seductiveness. You can do nothing but enjoy the attention of every single man around you. I guess you will like your new image.