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Hair Coloring Ideas

Hair coloring is not an innovation in hairstyles trends and millions of women opt for hair perm. Thanks to new hair coloring techniques as well as new products you can create fantastic design with minimal risk for your tresses. There are infinite ideas of hair colors and shades as well as color combos for any taste and preference so if you have already made up your mind to go for changes, you will easily find the best style for you. Pro hair colorists know all the secrets of hair coloring and every single design is a real masterpiece. Still, not everyone can afford it. If you want to change hair color and at the same time want to save money, you can learn few hair coloring ideas and hair care tips that will help you to have a perm for your own. Let's start from the beginning. Coloring products include harsh chemicals that are really harmful for hair so if you have damaged and frizzy tresses, it will be wiser to stay away from hair perm. You can use semi-permanent hair color that is less harmful for tresses and will be perfect option for those who like to experiment with different shades.


When choosing hair coloring product, make sure it is of high quality and non allergic. If you are rookie in the art of hair coloring, you'd better choose shade that is close to natural hair. Dramatic changes from dark to blonde is too dangerous and you'd better ask for the help of professional. Start applying the product on the roots and then go on to the edges. After finishing the process keep it 15 minutes and wash it off thoroughly.

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How to Deal with Black Hair

The owners of natural black hair surely know all the advantages and disadvantages of afro hair. If you have black hair and still do not know how to deal with it, here are some lifesaving tricks that will help you to spend minimal effort on hair care and hair styling. There are many hair care products for black hair that are meant to soften dry and frizzy texture of black hair. I must say that most of them are useless, the others are too expensive and not everyone can afford them. On the other hand, homemade masks and conditioners are both cheap and very effective.

Black hair curly

The usage of natural products will of course make your hair healthy and glossy but you should also learn some hair care tricks that will help you to deal with unmanageable hair. Besides of being naturally frizzy and coarse, black hair can become dry due to external factors. If you are used to wash hair frequently, you should know that it is wrong. Washing hair you wash out natural oil of roots. Women with dry hair should wash tresses twice a week with hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

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Dealing with Split Ends

Elegant hairstyle can be a real accessory for a woman if only tresses are healthy and glossy. Natural healthy hair is a rare thing. There are many external factors that can damage hair like weather, sun rays, harsh chemicals and many other factors. If you want to keep hair in perfect condition you should always take care of it. The problem of split ends is the most common one and almost all women face it. If you also have dull hair with split ends, here are some useful ideas that will help you to deal with split ends. It is much easier to prevent split ends than deal with them so it is wise to keep on hand high class hair care products and styling tools that will not damage hair. Still, if you noticed split ends, there is no way out then going for trimming. Actually this is the best option to revitalize your locks and give fresh look to haircut.

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If you have frizzy and dry hair, you can make things worse by regularly blow drying. Styling iron and blow dryer can cause split ends so if you are used style hair with styling tools, you should know some secrets to keep hair healthy and glossy. Before styling hair apply heat protection serum on damp hair and leave it dry a bit. Then you can go on styling hair. If you want to create romantic waves,  you can use hot rollers instead of curling iron.

Casual Hairstyles Ideas

Women were always looking for easy ways to have attractive and elegant look and still not all of them know how to be sexy. The following creative ideas will take your skills to the next level so if you still rookie in the art of styling, you can learn some ideas from these examples of casual hairstyles.

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Anyone can create casual and neat hairstyle that will be a perfect complement to any outfit that's why it is utterly important to know some styling options for any occasion. If you want to create neat and stylish look you can create cute ponytail or braided hairstyle. Both styles are simple and easy-to-do. For flirty look you can wear wavy half up-do combined with colorful hair accessory. These hairstyles are suitable for ladies with long tresses. If you have shorter hair things will be much easier for you as short haircut is of low maintenance. In case you have natural wavy or curly hair, you can create messy hairstyle with the help of texturizer.

Casual Hair Fashion


Sienna Miller Layered Haircut

Sienna Miller is another beauty icon from Celebville that has become an inspiration for millions of women. Thanks to pro hair stylists as well as her unique taste, we have such a beauty bunny to whom we can turn for a piece of inspiration. Let's check out Sienna Miller's medium layered haircut that is very stylish, trendy and easy to style.

Sienna Miller Layered Haircut

Sienna Miller Medium Length Layered Hairstyles

Shoulder length golden blonde hair is in perfect harmony with her facial features. Soft layers on the front part beautifully frames her face and makes it look more feminine. Middle parting opens her face and places the accent on her eyes. Well, everything is perfect and if you also want to have flawless look, you can ask pro hairdresser to grant you with similar look.

Pros & Cons of Hair Perm

Curly hairstyle is may be the best style that makes woman feminine and attractive. But not everyone has natural curly hair. So what to do if your hair is poker straight? There are many ways to have angelic curls and one of them is hair perm. This trick has both advantages and disadvantages so if you have decided to go for a perm, check out all pros and cons of hair perm.  

The most important advantage of hair perm is that curly hairstyle will last for months. After you have got hair perm, you will forget about curling iron and hot rollers. All you have to do is to wash hair with hydrating shampoo and air dry. The greatest disadvantage of hair perm is that your hair will be damaged by harsh chemicals. If you have frizzy hair, you should stay away from hair perm and style curls with the help of hot rollers. Curling iron will also be dangerous for tresses so be gentle with your tresses and take care of them.

Hair Advice for You

You surely know that hairstyle is a real accessory for any woman and this is the reason why girls spend so much money and time on hair care and hair styling. Going for changes can be right decision especially if you have damaged and lifeless hair. New haircut will totally change your image and it is very important to find proper haircut. hair-advice Nowadays you have unique chance to try numerous haircuts without any risk. Online album is an amazing option to try on different styles and find a perfect match for you. You just need to upload your photo and then have fun wearing new hairstyles. 

2014 Teen Hairstyles Ideas

New season hairstyles trends are so versatile that one can hardly manage to look through all the newest hairstyles. Both adult women and teenage girls wish to look seductive and stylish and this is why hair gurus do their best to satisfy every single caprice. We talked much about new hairstyles for adult women, so let me show you some of the hottest hairstyles for teenage girls. This collection of styles include the most popular and beloved designs by true fashionistas and no matter which one you choose you will look stunning. Let's consider some of these trendy teen hairstyles so that you  will be able to make a choice. Teenage Hairstyles 2014

Teenage Hairstyles

Teenage Layered Hairstyles Teenage Long Hairstyles Hairstyle is meant to highlight your personality and lifestyle so when it comes to teen hairstyle, do not forget to stay away from complicated and elegant hairstyles and go for more relaxed designs that will be age appropriate. There are zillion styles that will be suitable for teen girls and the best one is long hairstyle. There is nothing more attractive and sexy than long hair cascading down on your shoulders so grow out your locks and become the owner of smashing long hairstyle. Add modern twist to your hair with few choppy or asymmetric layers and bang.