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2016 Up-do Hairstyles

2016 hairstyles trends are upgraded with numerous cute and creative up-do hairstyles that are trendy and easy-to-do. Up-do hairstyles are not innovation but every year stylists surprise up with smashing new designs of up-dos. Pulled up hairstyle is perfect option for any occasion be it shopping time, business meeting or party. The below shown examples of 2016 up-do hairstyles are very popular and can be easily created for your own. You just need to look though this pictures and practice your skills to copy the best one.

casual ponytail hairstylecasual hairstyle

There are many styles of up-dos that are complicated and only pro hairdresser can create such design. I am not going to talk about sophisticated styles and you too forget about them. Naturalness will be your secret weapon to play up your femininity.

Let’s begin the parade of hairstyles from popular and classy ponytail. Ponytail hairstyle will never go out of the fashion as it is easy-to-do, stylish and suitable for all ages. There are numerous variations of ponytail hairstyle like low messy tail, high slicked ponytail or flirty side tail and which one to choose is up to you.

2016 Up-do Hairstylesupdo

Next trendy hairstyle is messy up-do. Actually, messy hairstyles are the main trend of 2016 both for men and women. Messy up-do hairstyle will be lifesaver from bad hair days so if you do not know what to do with the mass on your head, you can simply create messy side braid or messy ballerina bun.

Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles

Beauty bunnies from Celebville never stop admiring us with their smashing hairstyles and this is the main reason why girls and women around the world get inspiration from celebrities. There are so many styles that are worth to be copied and if you have decided to go for haircut change, you will never feel the lack of inspiration.

One thing I want to say is that new haircut is only the first step to have celeb worth look. They use expensive and high class hair care products that keep hair in perfect solution. Still, such products are really expensive and it will not be wise to spend so much money on them. You can use homemade masks and conditioners that are cheap yet very effective.


Besides of using homemade recipes, you should go for regular trimming. This trick will help you give hair fresh and healthy look.

First Date Hairstyles

Getting ready for your first date? If so, check out these first date hairstyles and some amazing ideas that will arm you up with useful tricks to have stunning look for that big day. There are many ways and options to have breathtaking look and sometimes this versatility confuses women. Often they can make big mistakes when choosing hairstyle so if you want to stay away from such hair disasters, you can keep in mind some creative ideas.


First style that I want to introduce is cute and elegant wavy hairstyle. Men confess that wavy or curly hairstyle is the sexiest and most attractive one that makes woman really feminine. If you have sleek hair you can add soft waves with the help of large rollers or curling iron. After you have finished styling waves, fix it with hairspray and spritz shine serum for blinding gloss. You can also complete your image with pretty hair accessory that will glam up your look.

Curls and waves with accessories 01

Ideas to Have New Hair Color

There was much said about trendy hair colors and ways to color hair but not every woman knows that choosing new hair color is a serious thing. If you choose shade that will not be suitable for your skin tone, you will totally ruin your image. I think it will be wiser to learn how to choose proper shade for you and then go for changes.


From the great variety of hair colors you should find the one that will be a perfect match for complexion as well as personality. First thing to take into consideration is skin tone. Wrong chosen color will make your face pale and dull so be twice as attentive when choosing proper shade.

One of the most popular hair color that is of low maintenance is brown hair color. It is natural and suitable for all skin tones.


If you have medium fair, medium tanned and tanned complexion, you should choose warm shades like brown, warm tones of blonde like golden, dirty and darker shades of red like mahogany and auburn.

How to Style Curls

Angelic curly hairstyle is still the most amazing and feminine style for women and girls of all ages. Curly hairstyles are very popular and year by year they continue to be trendy and beloved by women. It doesn’t matter whether you have sleek or wavy hair, you will easily create any style of curls with the help of curling iron or hot rollers. If you still don’t know how to style curls, here are some useful ideas that will take your sculpting skills to the next level.

romantic curly hairstyle

Nowadays there are many styling products and tools that are made to ease your job. The most popular way to style curls is curling iron. All you need to do is to wash hair with volumizing shampoo and towel dry. In case you have sleek hair, you can apply volumizing mousse on damp hair and then begin the styling process. If you want to create fluffy curls you will need curling iron with narrow barrel. When you finish styling tight and defined curls leave them to cool down and then comb to create fluffy hairstyle.

Romantic curles

Another popular design is soft curly or wavy hairstyle that is oh so popular among celebs. In this case too you will not face any difficulties. For soft and barely seen waves you should use large barrel curling iron or large rollers. In case you use styling iron make sure you do not keep the iron too long. When you finish the styling process, run fingers through hair to separate curls and create more natural and relaxed style.  

The Problem of Hair Loss

The problem of hair loss can occur to anyone of you and it can become serious hair disaster if only you learn how to prevent it. Hair thinning can be the result of several factors. Let me mention some of them. Cheap hair styling tools and products can easily damage hair, especially if it is thin and frizzy. Chemical harsh products like her perm is next factor that can damage hair cuticle and it can cause hair loss. Most drugs can also cause hair loss so before taking a pill, think about your tresses. At last, there are some dermatological diseases that can cause hair loss.


As you could see, the problem of hair loss can occur to any of you unless you learn some ideas how to take care of hair.

Women with fine hair more often face the problem of hair loss because of greasy and oily scalp. If you also have oily skin, you should use products of that hair type. Homemade recipes are very efficient so never neglect the usage of such products.

So what to do if you have thin hair? You can boost up the volume with few styling tricks. Volumizing mousse can be very useful but make sure you use product without paraffin. Before blow drying hair leave it dry naturally and begin styling tresses when they are damp.

Hair Colors Ideas

Can you mention all available hair colors nowadays? It is simply impossible, because year by year the palette of hair colors is upgraded with new unimaginable shades and each of them are worth to be worn. If you are the lover of experiments, you would like to change your natural hair color. Thanks to zillion hair coloring products you will have no difficulties when coloring hair.

Coloring process is not so difficult as choosing proper shade. It can be real challenging and if you choose wrong shade you will ruin your look. In order to stay away from hair disasters you should wear hair color that will be in a perfect harmony with your skin tone, eye color as well as personality and lifestyle. If you feel uncomfortable with bold and intense shades, you’d better opt for natural and  subtle tones. Here are some hair color ideas that will help you to make right decision.


Let’s begin with brown hair color that is the best option for those who try to stay away from dramatic changes. 2013 hair color trends include both light and dark tones of brown. You can also combine two tones of brown for more spectacular look.

Next popular shade is blonde color that is still the sexiest one among all available shades. If you have decided to go blonde you should be a 100% sure that you can handle it. If you have medium tanned or tanned skin tone, you should wear warmer shades of blonde like dirty, sandy, honey or golden blonde. Furthermore, you can go for brown hair color with blonde highlights that will look more natural.


If you long for some drama, go for black hair color that will be in a perfect harmony with the image of lady vamp. Going for black color is a bold decision so you can first try semi-permanent hair color that will not last long.

Last but not least hair color is red that will also be trendy next season. Red hair color has many shades and undertones and your choice will depend only on the image you want to create.

Highlights Ideas for Black Hair

Block colored hair looks natural and classy but long gone are the days of casual monotone hairstyles. 2013 hair color trends represent fantastic designs of hair highlighting so if you have decided to go for changes, you can easily give brand new look to hairstyle with few tinted strands.

Hair highlights can be added to any base tone but now I want to talk about hair highlights ideas for black hair color. As black color is a dramatic one and not so frequently chosen as other shades, it will be more interesting to talk about black hair color.

black hair with brown highlights

Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

Ebony black hair completed with blonde highlights look really dramatic. Such style can be smashing alternative for punk or emo hairstyle so dare to combine two contrastive colors and keep all eyes on hair with blonde highlights

Black Hair with Red Highlights

Red hair color is the most frequently chosen highlight color combined with black hair because both shades are bold and somehow mysterious. The style of hair highlighting is very important. For sexy look choose paneling or chunky highlighting. Place tinted strands on the upper layers and bang for show-stopping look or add red highlights on the lower section for less dramatic hairstyle.