Celebrity Hair

Katherine Heigl’s New Image

Recently celebrities often go for dramatic changes to keep all eyes on them. Actually this is good because we have got totally new images for inspiration. One of the latest dramatic makeover that inspired me was Katherine Heigl's new image. She is known as a fairy blonde with shoulder length hair.

celebrity hairstyle

Her new image made a real boom. She chopped off her long hair and rocked the red carpet with sexy short pixie haircut. She chose that bold image for her new role and I must say she looked simply fantastic. Her dramatic makeover was the one that I call "well turned" because going shorter is bold decision. If you are also the lover of dramatic changes, you can copy Katherine Heigl's new image.

Hilary Duff New Blonde Hairstyle

Fairy blonde Hilary Duff was always known as the owner of gorgeous long blonde hair. She looked really hot with angelic golden blonde hair but few months ago she appeared wearing brunette hair color. I must say that she looked really sexy. Still, few days ago she appeared on the red carpet wearing her so beloved blonde hair color. I guess, she had much fun being blonde.

Hilary Duff's blonde hairstyle

Going for changes is of course good especially if you are tired of your casual boring image. However, before going for changes you should be a 100% sure that you will feel comfortable wearing new haircut or hairstyle. If you want to change hair color you can use semi-permanent that will not be harmful for your tresses.

Justin Bieber’s New Image

Justin Bieber is may be the most popular teen celebrity of our times and no wonder why he has become inspiration and icon for millions of his fans. He became popular not only for his talent but also for his style. His bowl cut hairstyle soon became A style of the season and almost all teen boys got that image. Justin-Bieber-new-hairstyle Justin Bieber's new image was really unexpected for his fans but he explained that he was thinking over new image for some time. Well, take a look at brand new Justin Bieber! Do you like his funky tousled haircut? If so, do not waste your time and ask you hairdresser to grant you with celebrity haircut. Justin Bieber's new hairstyle The most important thing about Justin Bieber's new image is that his chopped off hair was sold and donated for a social organization. This transformation was useful not only for Justin. Not so bad, I guess.

Sienna Miller Layered Haircut

Sienna Miller is another beauty icon from Celebville that has become an inspiration for millions of women. Thanks to pro hair stylists as well as her unique taste, we have such a beauty bunny to whom we can turn for a piece of inspiration. Let's check out Sienna Miller's medium layered haircut that is very stylish, trendy and easy to style.

Sienna Miller Layered Haircut

Sienna Miller Medium Length Layered Hairstyles

Shoulder length golden blonde hair is in perfect harmony with her facial features. Soft layers on the front part beautifully frames her face and makes it look more feminine. Middle parting opens her face and places the accent on her eyes. Well, everything is perfect and if you also want to have flawless look, you can ask pro hairdresser to grant you with similar look.

2014 Black Women Hairstyles

Black women have brought their own fashion and style in every aspect. Today I want to talk about black women hairstyles that are popular not only among African American girls but also among women all over the world. Once black women wore jet black fluffy curls. Nowadays such hairstyle is very popular and you can see fluffy curls on different red carpet events. There are also many other African American hairstyles that are worth to be copied so check them out and choose the most gorgeous style for your beautiful makeover.

Hairstyles for black women

As natural Afro hair is dry and frizzy girls often face problems when styling hair. In order to ease the process they use different straightening products, hair relaxers and moisturizing masks. If you also have dry hair, you can use jojoba, olive and coconut oils to give hair silky touch and blinding gloss.

black women long curly hairstyle

Rihanna Hairstyle Evolution

I can surely say that Rihanna is the most popular celebrity of our times. She has inspired millions women with her image and that's why I want to show you Rihanna's most popular hairstyles. Rihanna's hairstyle has gone dramatic changes. All her images have become real trend and if you are her fan, you can check out Rihanna's hairstyle evolution where I have included the most fascinating celebrity haircuts.

Rihanna long hairstyles

Rihanna is a great lover of changes and it seems that she tries to wear all the hottest hairstyles. She became popular when she was quite young with smashing long hair. Her innocent image soon became an icon for millions of teen girls. There was nothing special about her long hairstyle but she knew how to make the most of her hairstyle.

Rihanna’s sexy bob hairstyle

Rihanna's new image made a real boom. She chopped off her hair and appeared wearing hot angled bob haircut. That was the beginning of her epic transformation. At first she wore angled bob with soft layers which was soon changed into asymmetric bob with asymmetric sharp layers.

Celebrity Bob Hairstyles Ideas

The reason why celebs always look breathtaking is the group of professional stylist who are always ready to turn untidy hair into a real masterpiece. Furthermore,  celebs always wear trendy and stylish haircuts and that's why they are considered trendsetters. Not every woman can afford professional hairdresser's help every day or every week and it can become a real problem especially for those who are rookie in the art of hair styling. So which is the best haircut that doesn't require much effort? Well, I have got amazing haircut that will be a perfect solution for all your beauty dilemmas.

Classy Bob Hairstyles

Classy and elegant bob haircut was the best design of all times and that's why I have chosen this style. Bob haircut will be suitable for women of all ages, face shapes and hair textures so do not think twice and go for bob haircut. I have put together celebrity inspired bob hairstyles ideas that are worth to be copied.

Abbie Cornish’s Pulled up Hairstyle

Abbie Cornish is one of celebrities that never stops us admiring with her unique style and beauty. Her every single image is worth to be copied so if you are looking for elegant and formal hairstyle for special occasion, you can draw some inspiration from Abbie Cornish's pulled up hairstyle.

Abbie Cornish hairstyle

There is nothing complicated about her up-do hairstyle and anyone can recreate it without any effort. In order to create similar pulled up hairstyle you should have at least medium length hair. For polished and neat look it would be better to straighter hair and then go on styling up-do. Abbie Cornish's pulled up hairstyle us actually, classy French twist. You can create low tight tail, then twist loose edges and fix the style with few pins. At last, finish the look with hairspray that will set all flyaway strands.