Celebrity Hair

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

If we need some inspiration, we turn to celebrities and beauty icons because they always look hot and stylish. The secret of their attractiveness is a group of hair gurus who know all the tricks of creating flawless design. Not everyone can afford the help of pro hairdresser. So what to do if you want to have celeb worth look? Here are some celebrity short hairstyles that look smashing and at the same time will be easy to do.

Cropped hairstyles for women

Recently, the tendency of going short is strong especially among celebrities. You will find numerous examples of celebrity short haircuts and you will not feel the lack of inspiration. If you are ready for dramatic makeover, you can wear even the shortest haircut that will bring out your natural beauty and sexuality. Still, such haircut is not suitable for everyone. Those who have round or square face shape, should definitely stay away from short crop cut hair and go for longer styles.

short hairstyles for women

Layered short pixie is next popular style that is beloved by celebs. More often they choose short pixie with longer bang that can be styled in zillion ways. Once you create short pixie style you will be able to wear it straight, tousled or in glamorous waves.

Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles

Beauty bunnies from Celebville never stop admiring us with their smashing hairstyles and this is the main reason why girls and women around the world get inspiration from celebrities. There are so many styles that are worth to be copied and if you have decided to go for haircut change, you will never feel the lack of inspiration. One thing I want to say is that new haircut is only the first step to have celeb worth look. They use expensive and high class hair care products that keep hair in perfect solution. Still, such products are really expensive and it will not be wise to spend so much money on them. You can use homemade masks and conditioners that are cheap yet very effective.


Besides of using homemade recipes, you should go for regular trimming. This trick will help you give hair fresh and healthy look.

Selena Gomez Wavy Hairstyle

Selena Gomez is one of celebs who inspires millions of teen girls. Her unique beauty and style has already become trend that's why I decided to introduce you the hottest hairstyle by Selena Gomez. She is one beauty bunnies who knows that natural and simple hairstyle will look more attractive than complicated up-do.


Her wavy hairstyle can be worn on any occasion be it wedding or casual event. You can use either hot rollers or curling iron to style soft and big waves. If you have at least shoulder length hair, you will easily create celeb worth look. Do not forget to use shine serum for blinding gloss.

Hair Colors by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is popular not only with her talent but also with her style. Her image has undergone dramatic changes and this is why I decided to show her beauty evolution.

Hair Colors by Christina Aguilera christina-aguilera-blonde-black-hairstyle

I don't want to talk about Christina Aguilera's hairstyles. I think that her hair colors are more fascinating. She changed hair color so often that anyone can hardly remember her natural hair. She often combined her blonde hair color with bright highlights that transformed her cute image into a wild seductress. Highlight color was changed from pink to fiery red and even black. She liked to experiment with vibrant highlights but she never chose such intense shade for block coloring. She just changed the shade of blonde from platinum to caramel and honey blonde.


Celebrity Formal Hairstyles

Are you in need of some inspiration for coming party? If so, get some creative ideas from celebrities who always appear on the red carpet wearing the hottest hairstyles. There are many varieties of formal styles and all of them are worth to be copied. However, most celebrity hairstyles are complicated and can be created only with the help of  professional hairdresser. If you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on formal hairstyle, you can choose one of these celebrity hairstyles that are easy to do yet so elegant and sexy.

Elegant hairstyles for special occasions 04

The trend of new season is retro wavy hairstyle. The best thing about retro hairstyle is that in can be created on any hair length. If you have short hair, you can create Marcel waves with the help of hair pins. For long lasting effect use stronghold hairspray but make sure you do not spritz much hairspray, otherwise  your hairstyle will look greasy. If you have medium length hair, you can create finger waves and leave hair loose. Deep side parted hairstyle will look even more elegant and attractive.

Elegant hairstyles01

Ladies who are blessed with gorgeous long hair have many options from loose styles to elegant pulled up hairstyles. If you are looking for flirty and sexy hairstyle, you can wear half up-do that will open your face and at the same time show off your long hair. Both sleek and wavy half up-do will be suitable for special occasions. 

2014 Winter Hair Color Ideas

Have you already got new hairstyle for coming holidays? If, yes, it is high time to complete your look with new hair color that will turn your hairstyle into a real style statement. Wide palette of hair colors will give you a chance to experiment with different shades from bold to subtle ones.


New season hair color trends represent real parade of intense hues that will breathe life to your lifeless tresses. Do not be afraid of going for changes, new image will only make your life brighter. Do not miss your chance to become a true beauty bunny of the party with one of 2014 winter hair colors.

Stephanie Pratt Braided Hairstyle

Red carpet event is a unique chance for celebs to show off their luxurious evening gowns and smashing hairstyles. The group of professional hair stylists can turn messy hair in a real piece of art. Those who cannot afford the help of pro hairdresser, can get some inspiration from celebrities and practice skills to recreate desired style. At this time I want to show you Stefanie Pratt's braided hairstyle.

Stephanie Pratt Braided Hairstyle

Her simple yet glamorous hairstyle was in perfect harmony with her black evening gown and makeup. You can easily copy her hairstyle and it will take only five minutes. All you need to do is to create thin braid on the front section, then pull it back and secure with a pin. The rest of hair can be left wavy or straight.

Rachel Bilson Long Hairstyle

If you are the owner of long gorgeous hair and you still don't know how to make the most of your locks, you can learn few styling tricks from celebs who know all the secrets of seductiveness. At this time you will a chance to draw inspiration from Rachel Bilson's long hairstyle. social chat network


Rachel Bilson almost always wears long ombre hair and I must say that her hairstyle is perfectly suitable for her complexion. If you like her image, you can first get similar hair color with dark roots and lighter edges and then go on styling hair like Rachel Bilson. Long hair can be styled in numerous ways but I think that wavy hairstyle is the most feminine and attractive one. Waves can be styled either with curling iron or rollers. If you have oval face shape, you can wear middle parted hair. If you think that middle parting will not be suitable for you, you can go for deep side parting that will add retro twist to your image.