Casual Hairstyles

Elegant Updo Hairstyles

Up-do hairstyles have their unique place in hairstyles trends because pulled up hair always looks elegant and can become amazing option for any occasion. Thanks to modern hair styling techniques hair gurus have created zillion examples of up-do hairstyles and every single style is a real masterpiece. 2013 hairstyles trends are more about natural designs and up-do hairstyles are also casual and easy-to-do. This is great because anyone can create picture perfect look with minimal effort.

Pulled Up HairstylesPulled Up Hairstyles 2013

Eledant Updo Hairstylesbun hairstyles This selection of elegant up-do hairstyles include cute and polished designs that will complete your formal outfit. These styles are suitable for both long and medium length hair so practice your skills to recreate the hottest up-do hairstyle from this selection. The best thing about 2013 hairstyles is contrast. I mean, you can wear either neat or messy hairstyle. Your choice will depend on the image you want to create. If you are looking for elegant style to complete your formal outfit, you can go for slicked hairstyles. Recently slicked styles are of great popularity. You can wear backcombed ponytail or bun up-do hairstyle or go for more glamorous deep side parting that will make your glimpse even more magnetic. Another elegant up-do hairstyle is braided style that looks so hot and sexy. There are numerous styles of braided up-do like braided ponytail, braided bun or simple side braid. All styles are of low maintenance and you will spend about ten minutes styling braided up-do hairstyle but, believe me, you will simply fall in love with the result. 

Megan Fox Hairstyles

megan-fox-hairstyles-long-wavymegan fox updo hairstyle

Megan Fox ponytail Hairmegan fox long ayered hairstyle

2013 Short Blonde Haircuts

The perfect combination of haircut and hair color can help you to have winning look and it will be stupid not to take into consideration this fact and wear boring hairstyle. There are zillion trendy haircuts as well as wide palette of colors and it can be really tricky to find the best combination. Surely you can get inspiration from celebs and beauty icons but you can easily make a mistake so let's first analyze your features and personality. If you are strong and bold personality, it mean's you will like the idea of wearing sexy short haircut. In case you think that going short will be too radical, you can go for short bob or chin length medium haircut. The reason why I have chosen short haircut is that such designs will be dominating next year and you will never regret of going short. Jennie Garth Short Blonde Hairstyle


There are zillion examples of short haircuts both elegant and edgy and your choice will depend on the image you want to create. It can be short pixie with choppy layers or layered short bob. After choosing trendy haircut, it is high time to choose new hair color that will complete your image. In fact, there are many dazzling colors that will be in perfect harmony with short hair but there is one that will totally transform your look. I am talking about blonde color that will be trendy next season.

Short Blonde HaircutsShort Blonde Haircut ideas

2013 short blonde haircuts look so sexy and hot that anyone can hardly resist your seductiveness. You can do nothing but enjoy the attention of every single man around you. I guess you will like your new image. 

Simple Ponytail Hairstyles

Simple and not sophisticated hairstyle is exactly what you need for casual occasions especially if you feel that loose tresses stir you. There is great variety of casual hairstyles that are easy-to-do and need minimal time to style. The most popular one among all available styles is simple ponytail hairstyle that will take you only five minutes to style.


It cannot be said that simple ponytail hairstyle can be worn only on casual occasions. If you check out latest runway shows and red carpet events, you will find out numerous examples of celebrity ponytail hairstyles that look simply fantastic. You can also turn simple and casual ponytail hairstyle into a real style statement with simple styling tricks.


If you do not know what to do with messy hair, you can just pull back hair and tie in a loose tail. Ladies with wavy hair can just apply texturizer to make waves more defined. You can also leave few flyaway strands on the front section to add more relaxed and glamorous twist to your image. 

Easy-to-do Long hairstyles

The owners of long hair probably know that long tresses need much effort to take care and style. This can become a real problem for women who have the lack of time. If you also cannot manage to to create polished and neat look, here are some easy-to-do long hairstyles that will arm you up with creative ideas.

Casual hairstyles for long hair

New season trends offer more relaxed and casual hairstyles. This is actually great because nothing can make woman more feminine and elegant than simple hairstyle. Furthermore, messy effect of hair will no longer be faux pas. Before talking about styling ideas, you can give brand new look to blunt haircut by adding few layers. Tapered layers will boost up the volume of hair while choppy and asymmetric design will break the monotony of casual and boring image.


Another popular detail that will change your look is bang hairstyle. This is the best option for those who want some changes but do not want to say good bye to an inch of long hair. It can be blunt bang, layered side bang or funky asymmetric bang for bolder image.