Braided Hairstyles

Red Carpet Up-do Hairstyles

Red carpet events are popular because of celebrities; they always look elegant and attractive and they always inspire women with their images. All red carpet events represent real parade of smashing hairstyles and luxurious gowns because beauty bunnies knows all the secret tricks to look sexy so why not to get some inspiration from these red carpet hairstyles.

Elegant Pulled up Updosbraided hairstyles

celebrity up-do hairstylecelebrity half up-do hairstyle

Up-do hairstyle is a fabulous trick to complete formal outfit and have neat look so knowing some styling ideas is very important especially if you are getting ready for formal party. There are zillion pulled up hairstyles and it is simply impossible to mention all of them so let’s check out only those that are popular among celebs. 

Formal Styles for Medium Haircut

Formal and elegant hairstyle is the one that woman wears on special occasions and this is why hair gurus have created zillion formal hairstyles for any occasion. The versatility of designs is simply fantastic; elegant hairstyle can be created on any hair length and texture. Ladies with long hair have many opportunities to create stunning formal hairstyle but not everyone is blessed with long hair. Let me show you some formal hairstyles for medium haircut that look even hotter than those created on long hair so check them out and practice your skills to recreate one of them.

Gorgeous HairstylesGorgeous Hairstyles 2013

Glam HairStyleFormal Styles for Medium Haircut

Medium length hairstyles are very popular because they are stylish and easy-to-do and this is why millions of women choose similar haircuts. The greatest thing about medium haircut is that it can be styled in zillion ways. Most styles are not complicated and can be created with minimal effort.

New Hairstyles for Teens

Teen girls just adore wearing glamorous hairstyles and that’s why they experiment with numerous styles. Of course I like experiments but sometimes teen girls forget that they are young and not every hairstyle will be suitable. Often they make great mistake wearing sophisticated hairstyle because such design can look rather grotesque. If you want to stay away from such problems, check out these new hairstyles for teen girls that include cute and age appropriate hairstyles.

Cute Girls Hairstyles New Hairstyles for Teens

As we are talking about teen hairstyles let’s consider only those that are of low maintenance. It will be much funnier to spend less time on hair styling so forget about long hours spend by the mirror and go for messy hairstyles. If you have curly hair, there is no need to go for hair straightening. Make the most of your angelic curls with the help of styling mousse and spice up your hairstyle with cute hair accessory.

ponytail hairstyleLong hairstyle for girls

Teen girls love to wear gorgeous long hair but not everyone is blessed with healthy hair. If you are the owner of long hair, you can style it in zillion ways. Most up-do hairstyles will be suitable for teen girls. Styles like ponytail, messy top knot, braided hair or half up-do hairstyles will be suitable for all ages.

Elegant Updo Hairstyles

Up-do hairstyles have their unique place in hairstyles trends because pulled up hair always looks elegant and can become amazing option for any occasion. Thanks to modern hair styling techniques hair gurus have created zillion examples of up-do hairstyles and every single style is a real masterpiece.

2013 hairstyles trends are more about natural designs and up-do hairstyles are also casual and easy-to-do. This is great because anyone can create picture perfect look with minimal effort.

Pulled Up HairstylesPulled Up Hairstyles 2013

Eledant Updo Hairstylesbun hairstyles

This selection of elegant up-do hairstyles include cute and polished designs that will complete your formal outfit. These styles are suitable for both long and medium length hair so practice your skills to recreate the hottest up-do hairstyle from this selection.

The best thing about 2013 hairstyles is contrast. I mean, you can wear either neat or messy hairstyle. Your choice will depend on the image you want to create. If you are looking for elegant style to complete your formal outfit, you can go for slicked hairstyles. Recently slicked styles are of great popularity. You can wear backcombed ponytail or bun up-do hairstyle or go for more glamorous deep side parting that will make your glimpse even more magnetic.

Another elegant up-do hairstyle is braided style that looks so hot and sexy. There are numerous styles of braided up-do like braided ponytail, braided bun or simple side braid. All styles are of low maintenance and you will spend about ten minutes styling braided up-do hairstyle but, believe me, you will simply fall in love with the result. 

Modern Braided Hairstyles

Modern hairstyles trends are getting bolder with smashing haircuts and hairstyles so stay on trend with the latest designs and practice your skills to create smashing designs for your own. There are many hairstyles that are going to be on trend next season and you will have great variety of options to experiment with. As for me, braided hairstyle is the best one. It is not just hairstyle, it’s a real art especially complicated designs of braided hairstyles so do not waste your time and check out these examples of modern braided styles and get ready for beautiful makeover.

Chic Braided Hairstyles 2013Chic Braided Hairstyles

Modern Braided HairstylesCasual Braided Hairstyles

If you have run out of styling ideas, creative braided hairstyle will become perfect lifesaver for you. Simple styles of braids like French braid can be styled without any effort so keep in mind such style and wear it any time you have bad hair days. Modern styles of braids include messy side braid, braided ponytail or braided bang hairstyles that are easy to do and can be created with minimal effort.

More complicated styles of braids like milkmaid braid, herringbone or fishtail braided hairstyle is meant to complete your formal outfit and believe me you will have jaw-dropping look with braided hairstyle. Still, those designs are a bit complicated and you should know how to plait hair. There are numerous video tutorials that will show you how to braid hair. 

New Braided Hairstyles

If you are tired of wearing one and the same style for a long time, I have amazing hairstyles for your consideration. Yes, I am talking about braided hairstyles. New braided hairstyles are all about glamour and style so do not miss you chance to become one of these beauty bunnies with your smashing braided hairstyle.

There are zillion designs of braids and plaiting techniques that are meant to turn casual look into a real masterpiece. This selection of new braided hairstyles include both easy-to-do and complicated and no matter which one you choose you will keep all eyes on you.

Black woman braided hairstylesBraided Hair Styles

Braided hair 2013long side braid hairstyle

If you are the owner of long hair, you can wear zillion braided hairstyles and change your image on any occasion. The simplest style of braid is French braid. Latest designs of braids are a bit tousled and messy. Such effortlessly chic and sexy hairstyle will be suitable for any occasion and all you have to do is to braid hair in a loose messy braid.

Next popular style is braided ponytail that looks elegant and neat. In order to create braided ponytail hairstyle you should first straighten hair, then tie in a high tight tail and braid loose edges. The style of braid can be simple French braid, fishtail or milkmaid braid.

braided bang hairstyleMary Kate Braided hair

Last but not least braided design that I want to mention is braided bang hairstyle combined with wavy hair. Braided bang is more often combined with hair accessories like colorful hair clip, ribbon or any other cute accessory.

Celebrity New Hairstyles

Celebville is the main source of inspiration for most of us because beauty icons always look flawless. Well, any of us can have celeb worth look with the group of professional stylists. Not everyone can afford attending hair salon every day or every other day and you have no choice but to learn to style hair for your own.


There are many celebrity hairstyles that you can recreate and all of them are stunning. First style that I want to mention is long hairstyle that is oh so popular among celebs. For inspiration you can check out red carpet events where celebs wear magnificent long hairstyles. Celebs just adore wavy and curly hairstyles and you can also create wavy style with curling iron.


Next popular design among celebrities is braided up-do. It can be glamorous messy braid, braided ponytail or any creative braided up-do that will complete your image. There are zillion plaiting options both complicated and simple but if you do not know how to create complicated style of braid, you can begin with French braid.

African American Cornrows Styles

Can you tell me which is the most popular African American hairstyle among boys and girls? I am sure that you know the right answer. Yes, I am talking about cornrows hairstyles that have become the most popular styles of celebrities. Cornrows hairstyle is a real masterpiece as it is complicated with unique design. If you have decided to wear cornrows hairstyle, you can learn some useful tricks as well as check out new cornrows hairstyles that are trendy and popular.

african hairstyles cornrows

The most important thing to be said is that it is complicated and cannot be styled for your own. Unique plaiting skill is a real art and not every hair stylist can create flawless look. There are infinite styles of cornrows and pro stylist can create a brand new style that no one wore before.

African American corwnrows hairstyle represents unique plaiting technique where hair is braided close to scalp. The style of lines and braids is up to you and your imagination. After you have got ideal cornrows hairstyle, you can wear it more than a month. Your hairstyle will last longer if you take care of it in a proper way.