Layered Punk Hairstyles

Dare to wear one of these layered punk hairstyles that will totally transform your image and make you keep all eyes on you with your nontraditional look.

Punk style is very popular nowadays especially among teen boys and girls. Such bold and cool hairstyle is perfect option to emphasize personality so if you also want to become the owner of edgy punk hairstyle, check out these layered punk hairstyles and choose the best one for dramatic makeover.

Layered Punk Hair Styles

True punk hairstyle is rather edgy and eccentric and today we are not going to talk about those styles. Let’s check out the styles that are quite simple and elegant but can be easily transformed into punk style. You can easily create desired look by going for layered haircut. Graduated layers will not work for punk style, while choppy and asymmetric layers will be just perfect. Depending on your hair length, you can create different designs. For shorter hair you create short pixie with long choppy bang and style it spiky.

Layered Punk Hairstyles03

Shoulder length hair can be transformed into real fashion statement with asymmetric layers. Asymmetric choppy bang will be amazing complement to such haircut. Medium layered hairstyle can be worn in numerous ways. Wavy style will look elegant and stylish but you can easily transform it to fabulous punk style with texturizer or styling gel.

Short Spiky Hairstyles

If you are the lover of short haircuts, you will simply fall in love with brand new styles of short haircut that are included in 2014 hairstyles trends.Forget about long boring hair, instead, make a real style statement with your short spiky hairstyle.

Short hairstyle is no longer male haircut. Millions of women go for short style and this is why short crop cut hair is on the top of popularity among all available designs. Once you decide to go shorter, you will not feel the lack of inspiration. You can search the web and find zillion designs of short styles or get some inspiration from celebs who wear the hottest haircuts of new season.

Hairstyles with layered spikes01

Latest hairstyles trends include amazing styles of short pixie that are suitable for confident and strong women. Short pixie haircut can be worn in numerous ways but now I want to show you some creative styling tips to wear hair spiky. Such image will make you stand out in a crowd and keep all eyes on you.

Short Spiky Hairstyles

If you have already got trendy pixie haircut, you can learn few simple tricks to turn your hair into a real masterpiece.

Highlights Ideas for Brown Hair

Going for color change is of course great idea as new hair color will give new look to your hairstyle and will brighten up your look. On the other hand, choosing new shade is rather tricky and there are chances to make mistake. So whicj is the right choice? Well, I have perfect in-between solution that will give you an opportunity to change your image and at the same time keep natural hair. Yes, I am talking about hair highlights. There are infinite styles of highlights as well as hair colors but this post is devoted to highlights ideas for brown hair.

Brown hair color is very popular color as it looks natural and elegant this is why women so often choose brown color. If you think that block coloring looks boring and simple, subtle highlights will totally change the style.

Brown hair color

Brown hair color is the one that can be completed with any highlight color. Your choice will depend only on the image you want to create. Highlight color that is close to your hair will look more natural. If you have light brown hair, you can choose caramel blonde highlights that will make your hair look voluminous. Spread thin blonde strands all over hair and be sure you will have smashing look.

Highlights Ideas for Brown Hair

Modern Bob Hairstyles with Layers

There was much said about bob hairstyles and every single time I mention that bob haircut is the most popular one of past season and will be the main trend of new season. The reason why I love to talk about stylish bob haircuts is that I am the owner of trendy bob style with layers. I never get bored experimenting with my hair and every time I simply fall in love with this haircut. Well, I think it’s time to talk about modern bob hairstyles in details.

layered bob hairstyles

New styles of bob are really dramatic. The collection includes both elegant and bold designs but most of them have one common detail. Modern bob hairstyles are completed with layers that turn simple haircut into a real challenge for your styling skills. Layering is very popular hair cutting technique that can totally change haircut.

Modern Bob Hairstyles with Layers

Graduated layers are meant to create voluminous and elegant haircut. Angled bob haircut is may be the hottest style. Here the front section is left a bit longer, while layers at the nape are cut shorter. The transition from shorter to longer is simply fantastic. Such haircut makes you look foxy so if you long for some drama, you should definitely opt for angled bob haircut. 

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

If we need some inspiration, we turn to celebrities and beauty icons because they always look hot and stylish. The secret of their attractiveness is a group of hair gurus who know all the tricks of creating flawless design. Not everyone can afford the help of pro hairdresser. So what to do if you want to have celeb worth look? Here are some celebrity short hairstyles that look smashing and at the same time will be easy to do.

Cropped hairstyles for women

Recently, the tendency of going short is strong especially among celebrities. You will find numerous examples of celebrity short haircuts and you will not feel the lack of inspiration. If you are ready for dramatic makeover, you can wear even the shortest haircut that will bring out your natural beauty and sexuality. Still, such haircut is not suitable for everyone. Those who have round or square face shape, should definitely stay away from short crop cut hair and go for longer styles.

short hairstyles for women

Layered short pixie is next popular style that is beloved by celebs. More often they choose short pixie with longer bang that can be styled in zillion ways. Once you create short pixie style you will be able to wear it straight, tousled or in glamorous waves.

Styling Ideas for Long Hair

Women love to wear long gorgeous hair and this is the main reason why most women have long hair. Long hairstyle has many advantages as well as disadvantages so let me mention some of them. The best thing about long hairstyle is that it can be styled in zillion ways. True beauty bunnies as well as hair stylists know how to make the most of long hair. If you are tired of casual and simple hairstyles, here are some new styling ideas for long hair that will help you to play up your femininity.

Long hairstyles trends

If you want to create seductive and magnetic look, wear blunt cut long hair and style it poker straight for breathtaking look. Such haircut can be completed with stylish blunt bang that will be perfectly suitable for round face shape. If you have wavy or curly hair you can use flat iron for perfect look. Remember to use heat protective serum in order to prevent hair from damage.

Long updo hairstyle

Hair Highlights Ideas

Give a new breath to your tresses with few hair highlights that will turn your boring hairstyle into a real style statement. Hair highlighting is going to be the most popular trick of new season so do not miss your chance to become trendsetter among your friends.

Hair Highlights Ideas

Gorgeous hair highlights 2014

There are infinite styles of highlights and hair colors that are going to be trendy so do not think twice and ask for the help of pro hair colorist who will grant you with the hottest hairstyle with smashing highlights.

Let’s consider some of the popular hair highlights styles that include both natural and modern styles for highlights that will be suitable for any taste and personality.

Hair Highlights 2014

hair highlights 2014

If you want to change your image but still shy away from total makeover, you can opt for subtle  highlights that will not only give brand new look to your image but will add movement and volume to your hairstyle. Highlights should be  spread all over hair for more natural look. Color also has great importance so try to find the closest shade to the base tone.

Asian Girls Hairstyles

Unique beauty and style of Asian girls have become dominant around the world and that’ why I have decided to get some inspiration from Asian women. They know all the secrets of being seductive and no wonder why they are considered the most beautiful women. Well, I think I said enough to assure you that their images are worth to be copied.

Asian Girls Hairstyles

First of all, let’s find out how they manage to have glossy and healthy hair. In fact there isn’t any secret. They always use natural oils to keep hair in perfect condition. You can also include hot oil treatment into your hair care ritual.

As we are talking about Asian girls hairstyles, let’s take a look at the latest hairstyles trends that are popular among Asian girls and women.

Asian girls up-do hairstyle

There is nothing special about Asian hairstyles but they manage to introduce even the simplest hairstyle in a brand new way. Natural dark hair will look breathtaking on any haircut so if you also have dark brown or brunette hair color, you can recreate one of these Asian girls hairstyles shown in this post.